Hypnotacyn is a weapon devised by Jorgen Von Strangle. It is more dangerous than the item that wipes an ex-goldchild's memories, because if the victim is released from hypnotsim after too long, he/she will either act stupid and commit suicide or get killed by something random.


Hypnotacyn was a weapon developed by Jorgen Von Strangle to control the minds of any fairy who disobeys him prior to the Fairy-Anti Fairy War. Anti-Cosmo and Head Pixie tried to steal the Hypnotacyn to control Fairy World in OddHypno but got hypnotized themselves.

Hypnotacyn is a pendulum watch with the abbreviations F.W. on it that the user can use to hypnotize the victims.

Known Victims (in OddHypno in order of occurence; two hypnotisms of the same character separated)

  • Binky Abdul (acted like a chicken; hit by a piano, but being a fairy, he survived)
  • Head Pixie (afraid of his own shadow; snapped out of it in time)
  • Sanderson (did not affect him)
  • Jorgen Von Strangle (fell asleep waving the Hypnotacyn in his face, allowing Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda to steal the Hypnotacyn; woke up after a few minutes of sleep)
  • Anti-Wanda (thought she was Albert Einstein; snapped out of it in time)
  • Timmy Turner (thought that he was Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda's godchild; whacked with a frying pan by Anti-Wanda later on, knocking him out of the trance and avoiding suicide and random death)
  • Poof (thought Hypnotacyn was a teething ring; saw a brownie (that references "Balance of Flour"), snapping him out pretty quickly)
  • Sanderson (turned into a calculator)
  • Head Pixie (turned into a ruler)
  • Anti-Cosmo (banished to a lollipop factory as Gum-in-Candy Rocks; blown up into Blow Pops)
  • Anti-Wanda (banished to a lollipop factory as Gum-in-Candy Rocks; blown up into Blow Pops)
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