Spongebob: If only I can wish upon a wand,

and tell the world what it needs to know.

That everyone should have a wonder or a dream,

to maybe someday make it happen and let it go.

Timmy: For all the things I've dreamt of,

there is only one thing,

in the matter of fact, was true.

Some sidesicks by my side,

that can provide,

all the things I need to use to survive.

Wishing, wishing,

Patrick: Jellyfishing too.

Timmy and Spongebob: Jellywishing, Jellyfishing, Wish upon a star!                                                                             Duck and Howie:Howiewishing,Howiewishing too!

Timmy: For the dreams I've always dreamt of, there's only been one thing.

Spongebob: The greatest one always comes true.

For one day, I will shine, like the stars at night,

showing the world, to become bright.

Timmy: Just one wish I shall make reality,

for peace and happiness throughout the city!                                                                                                     Duck:Meanwhile at the Banana Cabana I also wish for peace!                                                                                             Howie:And me too!

Spongebob,Timmy,Duck,and Howie: Yeah.