How to Setup a Home Theater is the first short of the series Timmy Turner Presents (Now How to.. Series) starring Timmy.


Timmy tries to set up his new home theater in time for the big game, with disastrous results.

The Narrator's Lines

Narrator: Aahh, The greatest of sporting spectacle. The most sacred of all past times... watching... the big game!

Timmy: Hey, You're on front!

Narrator: On these glorious occasions, (Timmy's TV gets out of signal) there is no greater love between the average man and his television.


Narrator: Modern sports fans however can fully amuse themeselves in gameday with a new home theater system.

the advanced technology practicaly puts the fuel... ON the field.

(Dreamscene of Timmy begins)

Timmy: Ah-hyuck! gawsh! WHAAA!

(Falls off)

Narrator: A convenient trip to the neighborhood's electronic botique will fulfil all the average consumer's needs

(Timmy bumps of the door)

Narrator: Here, lies a hi-tech wonderland. Where audio-video dreams come true!

Narrator: The heavenly journey begins with just a few key components: The DVD, the CD, the LD, the DVR, the VCR, audio receiver, AV cables, TV cables, satellite dish with satellite, the Blu-Ray, the Green Ray, the Who Ray, the Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi, HDMI, Game Console, PC, heebie-jeebies and E=MC². Oh, and don't forget the batteries. They're not included.

(Timmy falls and catches all components with a shopping cart)

Narrator: Selecting the proper television is alot most importance, and there are various models from which to choose.

(Timmy stops in front of a large television to his left; his cart rolls slowly to a stop against something just off-screen)

Narrator: Ahem... A conservatively-sized unit is the most prudent selection.

(Timmy looks to the right, and sees an even larger television, many times taller than the stack of items in his cart)

Timmy: (To the giant TV) I... love you.

(Timmy hugs against the gigantic TV)

Narrator: Ahem... Let's move on shall we to... Delivery day! the wait is over! Kick-off in high defenition is just a few connections away. And any moment now, the sights and sounds from the big game will fill the home! The delivery truck will arrive promptly. Between hours of 8am and 5pm. Any moment now, the roar of the stadium crowd will revered around the room! Any moment now, the viewer will be hopefully loss in purely televised wonderland...

(Timmy waits and waits and waits and falls asleep. Meanwhile... it's morning already and no delivery truck has arrived)

Narrator: Any moment now...


Narrator: Ahhh, right on time!

(Timmy fixes his picture of the leaning tower)

Narrator: As the friendly drivers carefuly deliver the electronics with their usual professional precision.. Ones you take greate care for unpaking the fragile components

(Timmy's house explodes in foam)

Narrator: Items can ship lightly during shipping..

(Timmy blows the foam off. But comes back again)


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