House of The Turners is a fanmade The Fairly OddParents spin-off where Timmy's wishes is his house is full with mystery and secret. And, Timmy, Chester, and A.J. want to opened all secret. They are build a group named Tur-Ners. In final episode, Tur-Ners have 4 member.


  • Timmy Turner

Founder of Tur-Ners group. He is very brave.

  • Chester

Member of Tur-Ners group.

  • A.J.

He's so smart. And, he is member of Tur-Ners group.

  • Vicky

She is saved the secret in House of The Turners. She is very creepy.

  • Tootie

New member in Tur-Ners group. But, she can't saved the secret of Tur-Ners or House of The Turners.

  • Denzel Crocker

He is a teacher in Timmy's school


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