Season 12, Episode 1
Hole In The Universe

(Sorry, this isn't my best drawing...)

Air date May 1, 2013
Written by User:Wingedone100
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Hole In The Universe is the Season 12 opener episode


Timmy Turner has a 7 page Science report on outer space that is due in two days, and he has not started it yet! Will the help of Cosmo's "Nephew" save Timmy from getting another F? Or cause an end of the world scenario that Timmy has to stop by morning?


Timmy recieves a 7 page Science report from his mean old teacher Mr.Crocker, he goofs off for a week by playing violent video games and sneaking into R rated movies instead of doing his Science report, Cosmo gets a call from his Brother that he is going to be an uncle of three! Cosmo panics, and Timmy tells Wanda to bring Cosmo's Nephew to him, Cosmo does what he is told, Timmy then wishes for Outer Space to be more intresting! Dragon uses his colorful wand to do as told, but suddenly, a black hole opens up close to earth and causes mass panic as a doomsday scenario happens! Timmy's friends offer little help since they are hiding underground in fear, Timmy's parents barricade there house and cry, Timmy then yells at Dragon, Dragon begins to cry and feel sad for dooming the human race, Wanda and Cosmo yell at Timmy for making Dragon cry, the black hole is 1 minute away from Earth, Timmy then uses 40 seconds of that minute to say sorry to Dragon, Dragon then feels better and poofs the black hole away, Then Schnozmo comes and asks how baby-sitting went, Timmy lies and said it went fine. The next day, Timmy gets a D since Crocker thinks he made that black hole with the help of FAIRIES!!!


-This marks the first wish granted from Dragon.

-This episode marks the return of Scnozmo.

-Goof-It is unknown how Timmy's friends got underground....

-Running Gag-People running out of the room in fear when a character mentions the black hole

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