Hector the Fairy Hunting Robot/Quotes

(Charlie's Steaks Pies)
(Mr. Crocker and the Crock-bot 9000 just finished eating their meals)
Crocker: (talking on his phone) Yes mother, I was eating properly. Yes, I've... I-I really got to go. Yes. I'll be home soon. Love you. (dials off; heavily sighs) It's times like this that make me wish I wasn't a depressed middle aged man living with his mother. At least the only thing that help fills the void in my life is you, Crock-bot 9000.
Crock-bot 9000: I have a deep regard for you as well, father. What is next on the father/son agenda?
Crocker: Hmmm... What is next?
(Mr. Crocker looks outside and see other fathers and sons spending time together; Chester and his dad trying to swing a baseball but kept swinging too late; A.J. and his dad riding on turbo speeding bikes until they crashed off-screen; Francis and his dad trying to pickpocket Chief Marmel but he knew what was gonna happen without even looking; he blows his whistle and out of nowhere police cars surrounded them; Francis and his dad took off and the cops went after them; lastly Timmy waved goodbye to his dad after dropping him off of the sidewalks; Timmy looked both ways and two eyes opened from a shrub behind Timmy; Timmy gives a signal to the two blinking eyes that the cost is clear and was revealed to be Molly and Dwight hiding; their fairies appear and they poof them away; Crocker had his eyes wide open and deviously smiles)
Crocker: I'll tell you what's next son, doing the one thing that no father and son has ever done in the history of the world.
Crock-bot 9000: Fishing for eels. As a robot, I am immune to electricity.
Crocker: Some other time. But what I'm talking about is capturing and proving the existence of--
(camera points outside of the restaurant as Mr. Crocker in a silhouette spaz around the place)
(Charlie's Steak Pies collapsed; Crocker and Crock-bot 9000 pop out of the debris and a few seconds later the employees and customers pop up with angry scowls)
Crocker: Heh-heh. Clearly this is going to cost me a whole lot more than my meal.

(Crocker's House)
(Crocker pace around his room thinking while the Crock-bot 9000 stands still watching him)
Crocker: I've spent countless of years trying to prove that FAIRIES exist. And all I've got in return is disbelief to my peers and a constant mocking of my pride. My last failure was and complete utterance of humiliation. (pulls out his smartphone) Have you even seen this video?
(video on TooYube titled, "World's Idiotic Igor" with Crocker showing photographic evidence of fairies)
Crocker: People of Earth, I present to you actual proof that fairies exist!
(Crocker pulls out his photo but all was shown was a crude drawing of Frankenstein; everyone laughs)
Crocker: This video is so embarrassing I can't even lift my bedroom window without people in their bikes laughing and pointing.
(Crocker lifts up his window)
Man: (on his bike with a few other people) Hey, look! It's that idiot from the video!
(everyone laughs)
Crocker: (close his window) Enough is enough! It's high time to teach Turner and his fairies a lesson and you're going to help me!
Crock-bot 9000: How will I help, father?
Crocker: You're a robot, which I stole from a government laboratory. What you need is a few modifications.
(next scene where Crocker finished making some upgrades for his adoptive son; Crock-bot 9000 slowly rises from the ground with eerie music playing and thunder and lighting appears in the background)
Crocker: (silhouette) Yes! It's alive! (appears on screen) Eat your heart out, Frankenstein and your monster truck! From now on, you shall be named, Hector!
Hector: That sure fits well, especially now that I can talk more humanly.
Crocker: Now let's get out there and show those FAIRIES what's coming to them! (takes off)
Man: (voice) Hey, it's that idiot from the video again!
Crocker: (walks back inside his house) Right after viewing and trending of my video dies out.

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