Wanda: Oh no, Poof's missing! He's gone!

Cosmo: Don't believe that nagging old lady, Timmy.

Wanda: WHAT??

Cosmo: Nothing.

Angel: Sorry, Poof. I'm busy

Poof: Poof, Poof (it's okay).

Poof: Poof, Poof, poof, poof. (why I can't find a play date?)

Sonic: Hi! Wanna play with me? I am not busy!

Wanda: I have $10,000 for the people who found Poof.

Anti-Cosmo: I found Poof! Now gimme that $10,000!

Wanda: [looks happy] Okay!

Anti-Cosmo: [runaway]

Wanda: [hugging "Poof" ] Wait a minute. This is not Poof.. this is.. a SOCCER BALL?? CURSE YOU, ANTI-COSMO!!! [make earthquake happens]

Cosmo: Who's that baby?

Sonic: [lie] He... He's not Poof!

Cosmo: [hugging Wanda] We never find that stupid ball. I mea-

Wanda: What you say?

Cosmo: Nothing.

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