Hassle in the Birdhouse/Quotes

(The Amber's House; doorbell rings)
Mr. Amber: That must be the pizza. (goes to open the door to reveal a delivery boy with a pizza box)
Pizza delivery boy: Pizza delivery for Stuart Amber?
Mr. Amber: That's me! (looks in the pizza box) Yep, the entire pizza's here. (gives some money) Here you go.
Pizza delivery boy: Thanks!
(Sally is watching TV with Chet Ubetcha interviewing a kid who built a mansion for birds)
Kid: I also built this little swimming pool for birds.
Chet Ubetcha: Thanks for the interview. It was an amazing achievement for a 10 year old boy to build a mansion for birds, and with a yard, no less. This is Chet Ubetcha saying "Little kids always have creative ideas".
Mr. Amber: Hey, Sally, want some pizza?
Sally: What kind of pizza, dad? I hope there's no meat in it.
Mr. Amber: No, my little vegetarian, there's no meat in it, just cheese, ketchup, olives and mushrooms.
Sally: Oh boy, my favorite!
(she and Stuart both eat two slices of pizza)
Mr. Amber: Let's save some pizza for your mom and siblings, okay?
Sally: Okay. I wonder what else is on? (changes the channel to an image of an alien ship)
Narrator: What you're about to see is top secret. It is a video tape recorded 900,000 years ago by an alien using a remote controlled camera. It shows his attempts to educate a caveman. They have been codenamed the Prometheus and Bob tapes.
Stan: (flies to Sally and Stu in parrot form) I love this show!
Narrator: Tape 10: boxing.
Mr. Amber: You can watch this show yourselves, I'm off to practice on my electric guitar. (walks off-screen)
Sally: So, Stan, I can't help but ask you, can I go into your birdhouse?
Stan: No!
Sally: Pleeeeeease?
Stan: Despite your politeness, I'm still saying no.
Sally: Then I wish I was in your birdhouse!
Stan: You can't, Sally. It's off-limits! And against Da Rules!
Sally: Prove it.
Stan: I would, but I don't have Da Rules book with me. It's in my birdhouse. Can't you wish for something else?
Sally: Yes. I wish for a shrink suit...for science purposes!
(Stan raises his wand; a large metal suit appears, Sally tries it, and she shrinks with the suit)
Sally; It worked!
Stan: Good for you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go to sleep in my birdhouse. (flies back to his birdhouse and closes the door to it)
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