This spinoff is based on the minor SEGA Games franchise Hang-On.


Timmy Turner is the son of the most successful motorbike rider in history, Scott Turner Jr.. Following the steps of his dad, he now aspires to become the champion of the most famous motorbike championship in the world, the Hang-On GP. He created his own team, Team Supernova, with his friends Cosmo, Wanda, Chip, Chester, A.J. and Tootie. Will he win the GP? Find out!


Team Supernova

Racers: Timmy Turner, Chip Skylark

Principals: Cosmo, Wanda

Mechanics: Chester, A.J., Tootie

Livery: Red and white

Number: 52 (Timmy), 53 (Chip)

Team Octane

Racers: Mark Chang, Blonda

Principal: Jorgen Von Strangle

Livery: Black and light blue

Number: 40 (Mark), 23 (Blonda)

Team Probe

Racers: Cupid, Remy Buxaplenty

Principal: Mama Cosma

Livery: Green and yellow

Number: 31 (Cupid), 10 (Remy)

Team Fury

note: the team is Team Supernova's arch-nemesis

Racers: Denzel Crocker, Anti-Cosmo

Principal: Vicky

Livery: Black

Number: 13 (Crocker), 666 (Anti-Cosmo)

Team Diva

Racers: Trixie Tang, Veronica

Principal: Juandissimo Magnifico

Livery: Pink and red

Number: 54 (Trixie), 45 (Veronica)

Team Pixie

Racers: two Sandersons

Principal: Head Pixie

Livery: Grey

Number: 98 (Sanderson 1), 99 (Sanderson 2)

Team Phaeton

Racers: Princess Mandie, Norm The Genie

Principal: Dark Laser

Livery: Dark blue with silver finishes

Number: 33 (Mandie), 76 (Norm)

Team Fuel

Racers: Tad, Chad

Principal: Schnozmo

Livery: Orange and burgundy

Number: 55 (Tad), 25 (Chad)

Team Kinesis

Racers: Gary, Dr. Rip Studwell

Principal: Mr. Birkenbake

Livery: Ivory and violet

Number: 19 (Gary), 95 (Dr. Studwell)

Team Double

Racers: 2 Eliminators

Principals: The Turnbaums

Livery: Silver and black

Number: 100 (Eliminator 1), 101 (Eliminator 2)


  1. Albatross Cliff Reef (a simple circuit in Australia)
  2. Notting Hill Raceway (an autodrome in London)
  3. Pyramid Junction (a modified figure-8 in Egypt)
  4. Great Crimson Wall (a medium length track near a castle in France)
  5. Tibetan Highlands (a long and winding citcuit in Tibet)
  6. Red Rock Expressway (a fast circuit in Las Vegas)
  7. Rev City (the first of the Rev City tracks, it is an easy circuit)
  8. Dolomites Ring (a medium difficulty autodrome near Verbania, Italy)
  9. Petersburg Autodrome (a tough raceway in St. Petersburg, Russia)
  10. Daytona International Speedway (the real-life oval in Daytona Beach, Florida)
  11. New Dwells (a city track in the outskirts of San Francisco)
  12. Rev Highway (the second of the Rev City tracks, it is an high speed track which runs in a freeway)
  13. Twin Ring Motegi (the real life Japanese circuit)
  14. Newfoundland Cliffside (a very long and cloudy track in Canadian island Newfoundland)
  15. Azure Coastline Cruiseway (a night-time seaside circuit in Sydney)
  16. Rev Skyline (the final Rev City circuit, it is a really hard night-time racetrack in the city's downtown)
  17. Torero's Descent (a very very long circuit in Barcelona starting in the outskirts then racing in the downtown)
  18. Crystal Sea Beach (an autodrome in the Hawaii near a beach)
  19. Autòdromo Internacional Nelson Piquet (the real life Brazilian circuit)
  20. Isle of Man TT (the final circuit, it is the real life track Snaefell Mountain Course, used for the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy; it is the longest track of the GP (37.73 miles/60.73 km), and it's very dangerous and really hard)

List of songs

Team Theme Songs

Circuits Theme Songs

  1. Albatross Cliff Reef: Sonic Adventure 2: It Doesn't Matter (Sonic's Theme)
  2. Notting Hill Raceway: Collective Consciousness Society: Whole Lotta Love
  3. Pyramid Junction: Sonic Riders: Sand Ruins
  4. Great Crimson Wall: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity: Dive Into Gravity (Crimson Crater/Security Corridor)
  5. Tibetan Highlands: R: Racing Evolution: Time Compression
  6. Red Rock Expressway: F-Zero GX: Shotgun Kiss (Casino Palace)
  7. Rev City: Ridge Racer 6: Acid Eutron #001
  8. Dolomites Ring: Ridge Racer V: Euphoria
  9. Petersburg Autodrome: Ridge Racers: Bassrider
  10. Daytona International Speedway: Daytona USA: Let's Go Away
  11. New Dwells: Sonic Free Riders: Metropolis Speedway
  12. Rev Highway: Rage Racer: Rage Racer (yep, that's the song's name!)
  13. Twin Ring Motegi: Ridge Racer 6: Photon Field
  14. Newfoundland Cliffside: Ridge Racer Type 4: Lucid Rhythms
  15. Azure Coastline Cruiseway: Ridge Racers (PSP): Synthetic Life
  16. Rev Skyline: Ridge Racer Type 4: Burnin' Rubber
  17. Torero's Descent: Rage Racer: Silverstream
  18. Crystal Sea Beach: F-Zero GX: Infinite Blue (Big Blue)
  19. Autòdromo Internacional Nelson Piquet: Bellini: Samba De Janeiro
  20. Isle of Man TT: F-Zero GX: Feel Our Pain (Fire Field)


  • Team Supernova is the only team which has mechanics with a known identity. The other teams' mechanics' identities have never been revealed.
  • The Autòdromo Internacional Nelson Piquet was going to be demolished for creating the Olympic training facility for the Rio Olympics in 2016. However, the track was never demolished in the cartoon, because it was still very popular among car and bike racers and fans.
  • Rev City is a fictional circuit appeared in the PS2 racing game Enthusia: Professional Racing. The circuit was modified a little for the cartoon.
  • Albatross Cliff Reef, Great Crimson Wall and New Dwells are the 3 tracks appeared in the final installament of the Hang-On series, Hang-On GP (known as Hang-On GP '95 in Japan and Hang On GP '96 in Europe) for the Sega Saturn. They all appear in their long variant. The other tracks (except Daytona, Motegi, Autòdromo Internacional Nelson Piquet and Isle of Man TT, which are all existing in real life) are completely original, with the exception of Rev City (see trivia above).
  • The cartoon is mostly based on Hang-On GP (see trivia above for more infos).
  • In some races, Trixie wears a pink latex catsuit. The races where Trixie wears the catsuit are: Red Rock Expressway, Rev City, Rev Highway, Azure Coastline Cruiseway, Rev Skyline, Crystal Sea Beach.
  • The pyramid in the Pyramid Junction circuit is a recreation of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • The starting line gate in Pyramid Junction has flame projectors which shoot out flames.
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