Hair Razor
Hair Razor Stock Image.png
Gender: Female
Species: Meta human
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red
Personal Information
  Comic Book Earth
Bronze Kneecap
Spatula Woman
Doctor Croctopus
The Baby Shredder
Venom Lips
  Crimson Chin
Golden Locks
Super Kids
Love Interests:
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Super Mayhem" (mentioned)
"Golden Power"
Voiced by:
Grey Griffin

Hair Razor is one of the minor villains of The All New Fairly OddParents!, and a comic supervillain. She's the evil counterpart of Golden Locks, and Nega-Chin's girlfriend. She once was Golden Locks' evil alter-ego, but was later rewritten as a seperate villain.


Hair Razor was originally created when Timmy wished the relationship between Golden Locks and Crimson Chin would end. Feeling that their relationship would turn the Crimson Chin comics into sappy love stories, Hair Razor was created to try to stop this relationship for good as Golden Locks' evil alter-ego. Although she was removed when Golden Locks became good again, she was eventually brought back, this time as a seperate character.

In the Golden Locks spin-off comic, Hair Razor's rebirth origins reveal that she was created from combining oil, black hair dye, hair gel and Golden Locks' DNA.


Her appearance is a complete switch when compared to Golden Locks, with an outfit consisting of a black jacket, black body suit, tall black boots, a black ring on her neck, her trademark long black hair, purple lips, purple ear-rings and, unlike Golden Locks, has a tiny black spot on her right cheek.

Being magical in origin she possesses incredible powers including flight, control of electricity and a super strong, shapeshifting hair.


Hair Razor, unlike her nicer counterpart, is very cold-hearted.


Her powers focus on her hair. She is able to elongate it and use it like tentacles. Her hair is very strong to the point of lifting heavy trucks and containers. She is also able to shape her hair (into scissors, hair razors etc.). Her most relevant ability is to fire lightning from her hair and she is able to summon from her hair the "Hair Clips of Doom", clips that can impale the foe.


Hair Razor's main weakness is water. If her hair gets wet, her powers become useless.

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