Grandpa Seesponges
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Seesponges
Age 148
Parents Great Grandpa Seesponges (Father)

Great Grandma Seesponges (Mother)

Spouse(s) Grandma Seesponges (Wife)
Children Spongebob the Seesponges!

Mrs. Seesponges

Grandparents Great Great Grandpa Seesponges (Grandfather)

Great Great Grandma Seesponges (Grandmother)

Production Information
Voiced by Daran Norris

Grandpa Seesponges is the father of Mr. Seesponges and grandfather of Jenna, Connor, and Quintin . He is 148 years old and lives in a neighborhood in Dimmsdale. Like all of his family members, he plays Soccer.


Grandpa Seesponges is a very nice Grandfather of Jenna, Connor, and Quintin. He has never been a crabby, old person before. Quintin thinks that Grandpa Seesponges is nicer than their parents but Jenna and Connor think they are both the same amount of nice. However, Grandpa Seesponges gets mad at Quintin since they are not compatable with each other. In fact, if Quintin were not a family member, Grandpa Seesponges would have Q as his enemy. Grandpa Seesponges likes Connor the most since he is so kind to others. Jenna comes in second and thinks Jenna is the nicest female grandchild of the family. Of Course, Quintin comes in last.


Even though Grandpa Seesponges is 148 years old, he still has the body of a 50-year old. He wears a black T-shirt with green soccer shorts with red socks and blue soccer cletes. He has brown hair, blue eyes, and wears glasses.


  • Grandpa Seesponges goes to senior soccer club.
  • He once gave Connor a trophy for being the best kid ever.

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