Black Quickster: Thanks for helping me out, kids. And Timmy, be sure to visit Wonder World sometime.
Timmy: No problem.

(Timmy, Timantha, Chloe and Ivan are watching Trevor and Dave)
Timantha: This cartoon is pretty nice, apart from the fact that Trevor and Dave's sister is trying to bust her brothers in nearly every single episode.
Chloe: Plus, having songs in almost every single episode was not a good idea. I don't mind songs in various shows, but they didn't have to go out of their way for every episode to have a musical number.
Ivan: You know, this cartoon is much worse than I remembered, and you girls summed up the problems of Trevor and Dave quite well. At least the songs are quite catchy and sound nice.
Chloe: Yeah.
Timantha: I agree.
Timmy: So this is the cartoon that Adam Williams wrote those inappropriate stories about and sent to you?
Ivan: Yeah. In other words, fan-fiction. I wonder where Adam is now?
Timmy: I think it's best not to know.
Ivan: Okay.

(Black Quickster flies to Wonder World, carrying Adam)
Adam: Are you gonna get rid of me too like with Mark Brown?
Black Quickster: No. I'm not that cold-hearted. You obviously had good intentions, but you used them for all the wrong reasons.
(Wonder World Maximum-Security Prison; Black Quickster throws Adam in his cell, which has a bed, a computer, a sink and a toilet)
Black Quickster: Instead, I'm sentencing you to life imprisonment in Wonder World's Maximum-Security Prison, from which there is no escape.
Adam: Can I go on the Internet?
Black Quickster: Yes, but all of the fun stuff is blocked, including TooYube, social websites and so on. You can only go on boring sites to read pre-21st century literature and educate youself.
Adam: This is ridiculous!
Black Quickster: I know, but that's the punishment for criminals in Wonder World. Wonder World is a fun place, at least, when you're not stuck here in prison for the rest of your life. Have a nice stay, Adam Williams. (shuts Adam's cell door and locks it)
Adam: Well, at least there's no evil monkeys here.
(scene fades to black; ending title card)

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