Gone Flushin' Again/Quotes

(The Turner's House; Timmy's bedroom)
(everyone in fish form just finished exercising with one of Billy Blanks' old exercise videos)
Ivan: Wow, that Billy Blanks sure can make anyone break a sweat. (to Timmy) I still can't believe you once met him.
Timmy: You of all people should know that if you have magic on your side, anything's possible. (grunting while stretching his fins) Anyone else feel tired?
Neptunia: Not me, all you need is a drink of water. Wait, we're in water, I could just drink this. (suck up some water in the fishbowl and gags and coughs) When was the last time you cleaned your own fish toilet?! (lays upside down pretending that she died)
Astronov: You're over-exasperating, sweetie.
Neptunia: Can't hear you, Astronov, I'm dead.
Wanda: I'd convince her not to lay down like that. Timmy's parents aren't too bright when it comes to animals playing dead.
Chloe: What makes you say that?
(Mr. Turner whistles until he walks through Timmy's door and sees Neptunia playing dead and believed that she was actually dead)
Daran: (screams like a girl) Oh, no! Timmy bought more pet fish and one of them is dead! When will that boy ever know the proper way to take care of family pets?! It's summer camp all over again!
Echo: Camp... camp... camp..
Daran: Oh, come on, I didn't even end that sentence with the words "summer camp"!
Echo: Camp... camp... camp..
Daran: (panicking) What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?
(camera points and slowly zooms at the toilet while a heavenly choir noise was heard)
Daran: Well, I certainly can't bury Timmy's pets in the yard like an irresponsible parent. So, toilet it is. (grabs the fishbowl and walk toward Timmy's bathroom) Rest in peace, Timmy's fish.
(Mr. Turner dumps the water with Timmy and the others on the flushing toilet; everyone scream as they were being flushed)
Cosmo: So... much... clogging!

(everyone screams until another fish from another side of the drains showed up)
Fish: Hey, have you seen my dad?
All: Uh, no.
(the fish was swept from another side of the drain while Timmy and company fell out of the drain and land into the sewers; get popped out of the sewer water gasping and coughing)
Ivan: I need air! (jump out of the sewer water and land on the floor) Ah, much bet- (gasping) I forgot I'm a fish! (jumps back into the sewer water)
Wanda: This is what I'm talking about earlier. Next time you want to be in fish form in Timmy's fishbowl, be sure to float right side up at all times.
Neptunia: I'm sorry, Wanda. And I can see what you meant by floating right side up, (sees her reflection) upside down is not my good side as a fish.
Astronov: Okay, let's just get out of here and we can... Hey, our wands!
Poof: And Sunny and I's rattles!
Timmy: Sheesh! Just how many times do you guys lose your wands whenever we go on an adventure?
Cosmo: (pulls out a calculator) Let's see, 7, 11, carry the 33... sorry, I lost count, and I'm not good at math.
Sunny: Look! (wands and rattles floating away) There they are!
(the wands and rattles were separated)
Ivan: And there they go.
Timmy: Let's split up and get them!
(everyone splits up and chase after the wands)
(Poof and Sunny went after their rattles)
Poof: Hurry, Sunny! After those rattles!
(Ivan, Chloe, Astronov and Neptunia catch up to get their wands)
Astronov: Almost... got it...
(the wands fell into a bottomless pit; everyone almost slipped into said pit until Ivan grabbed onto a ledge and everyone else grabs a hold of Ivan and see the wands splashed down)
Ivan: (grunts) Hold on! (tries to pull up but he wasn't strong enough what with Chloe and fairies grabbing on to him) Okay, on the count of three, we swing up! One, two,...
Neptunia: Is it one, two, three, go? Or just one, two...
Ivan: Three!
(everyone swings up and manage to fly back up)
Chloe: That was close!
Astronov: Looks like we need to find another advantage.
(Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda catch up to get their wands while avoiding obstacles)
Cosmo: Wow, (saying oncoming obstacles) trash cans? Refrigerators? Clothes dryers? Who would flush that on the toilet?
Wanda: Do I even have to say the I word?
Cosmo: What? Ignoramus?
Wanda: Well, you're close.
Timmy: We're almost there!
(they almost got the wands until two large hands from underwater got it first and pops out of the water revealing to be Wild Beefy Croc)
Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda: Gasp! It's Wild Beefy Croc!
(Wild Beefy Croc swings his tail wacks Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda away and takes off with the wands)
Wanda: Very convincing when we last saw him.
Timmy: This is a much bigger problem. We better find the others and think of a plan.

(Poof and Sunny look around for their rattles)
Sunny: I can't believe we lost our rattles.
Poof: Don't lose hope, Sunny. We'll find them.
Poof: No need to cry, Sunny. I said we'll find the rattles.
Sunny: That's not me.
(Poof and Sunny turn around and sees Cuddles the bullet constrictor mourning over Adam West wearing a female funeral gown)
Poof: Cuddles? Is that you?
Sunny: Poof, you know that snake?
Poof: Yeah, he was another one of Timmy's pets who was presumed dead. (to Cuddles) Hey, Cuddles.
(Cuddles hissed at Poof)
Poof: (as Sunny cower behind him) Whoa, whoa, easy. It's me, Poof. We've met before.
(Cuddles sniffs Poof and wraps around him happy to see him)
Sunny: Poof!
Poof: (turns red) It's okay, Sunny. That's his way of hugging people. Hey, boy, we need your help. We lost our wands into the sewers again and we could use your help.
(Cuddles lays his head down seeing a picture of Adam West)
Poof: (pat Cuddles' head) I know, I miss him too. But, right now, we're hopeless and we could use someone as strong as you against a bigger threat. Trust me, it's what Adam would want you to do. This sewer is your home.
(Cuddles thinks this through and nods his head agrees to help)
Poof: Great! (he and Sunny jumps onto Cuddles) Hi-ho Cuddles!

(meanwhile in the Dance Studio; Timantha and the Cream Puffs walks out of the building and Timantha hears her phone ringing; she pulls it out of her pocket and sees a picture of her dad screaming covering himself while he's taking a shower)
Timantha: Hey, daddy. I just left ballet class and I'm on my way home.
Daran: Oh, Timantha, I'm afraid I'm the barrier of bad news.
Timantha: What happened?! Is your leg stuck in the sink again?
Daran: No, it's worse than that, I assumed that one of Timmy's fish just died.
Timantha: What?! (realizing) Wait, did you just assume so? Ever had a second thought that they were just playing dead?
Daran: Oh, sweetie, you know fish can't play dead. Only dogs, opossums and ostriches can.
Timantha: Well, you're not wrong about that. Except for the ostrich. I'll see you when I get home, bye. (dials off) Darn it! Dad must have flushed Timmy and the others down into the sewers! (dial Timmy) I better call him.
Timmy: (voice) Hi, you've reached Timmy Turner. Sorry I couldn't catch your call today, I'm granting wishe... uh, I mean, doing my homework. Leave a message and I'll call you right back. Oh, and forget I mention the grant wishes thing. It's not like magic exists.
Timantha: (turns off her phone) When I find Timmy, I need to tell him to make a less suspicious recording message. That aside, I need to find him. (looks and sees a nearby manhole) I'm coming, big brother!
(Timantha lifts the manhole and crawls inside; she puts the manhole back in place and sees a picture of Agent Xero and Lacey Shadows from the Modifyers)
Timantha: Huh... (continues going down) better they find the others than me.

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