Series Name
Season 18, Episode 1
!) Go Young, Skylark! Titlecard
Air date January 1st, 2034
Written by User:BabyPoof93


Directed by Butch Hartman
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Go Young, Skylark! Is the 1st Episode of Season 18.


After seeing how much Chip Skylark wanted to become a kid again so he could start his life all over again, Timmy wishes that Chip could become a kid again, But Cosmo grants the wish, turning Chip into a toddler! And Timmy must babysit him until he returns normal again. Dragon also wants to help Timmy with babysitting but causes chaos in the household!


The episode starts with Timmy at the dinner table eating his breakfast. His mother comes in telling him that she is going to her friends' Baby Party. Timmy replies rudly why babies get parties when they will still not remember anything. Mom explains to him that the Party is for the Mom, Telling her how special she really is after doing all kinds of housework and such. Timmy then says that parties like that are ridiculous, And that toddlers are easy. Mom then asks him If he'd be able to watch his Dad for the day while she is out. Timmy agrees, And starts shoveling Pancakes into his mouth. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof (Who is crying and being comforted by Wanda) then appear disguised as Salt and Pepper shakers, Telling Timmy once again that Babysitting is not fun. Timmy then responds saying otherwise, And finishes his pankcakes and walks into the living room to watch TV.

Timmy is watching TV when the news comes on. Chet Ubetcha reports that Chip Skylark had not been able to focus his singing anymore. It then shows a picture of Chip looking depressed while singing one of his songs, "Find Your Voice". Timmy then tells Cosmo and Wanda (And of course Poof) that his next wish was an CSNBATSA (Chip Skylark Not Being Able To Sing Again). They then poof up to Chip's Studio, Where Chip is lying helplessly and depressingly on his chair. He then tells himself (not knowing Timmy was there) that he wished he could experience his childhood again and start life over, But Cosmo accidently (Thinking it was Timmy making the wish) waves his wand and reverts Chip back into a two year old. Cosmo realizes he transformed Chip Skylark into a baby, And tries to poof him back to normal, But his, Wanda, and Poof's wands droop and make a drooping noise. Wanda then poofs up "Da Rules" and reads that Fairy Magic cannot be used against Babies, Thus saying that the spell can only last 12 hours. Then, Schnozmo calls Cosmo, Asking him if he could babysit Dragon again, And Cosmo agrees. Dragon then suddenly poofs up, Shaking his colorful wand. Dragon sees Chip (Not knowing it is really Chip Skylark), And asks if he could help babysit him.
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