Scene 1

  • Timmy: Aw Man, Chip's having trouble singing again! Cosmo, Wanda, Wish #24459, NOW!
  • Wanda: That's a CSNBATSA! (Chip Skylark Not Being Able To Sing Again)
  • Cosmo: DONE! *Waves Wand; POOF!*
  • Chip: *Sighs* All I want to do is restart my childhood, Cause I'm sorta getting tired of signinig autographs, writing songs, and having all kinds of fans ATTACK me! I wish I could be a kid again.
  • Cosmo (Disguised as Timmy's backpack): *Waves wand* Done!
  • Timmy & Wanda: Cosmo, NO!


Scene 2

  • Timmy: Cosmo! What did you do to Chip?!
  • Cosmo: I don't see Chip anywhere, Maybe he's that little baby over there. *Points to baby similer to Chip Skylark*
  • Timmy: COSMO! That really is Chip! You turned him into a toddler!
  • Cosmo: Well, Now that you mention it, He does look a little like Chip...Same Red cap, Same hair, Same perfect teeth--I mean, tooth...IT IS CHIP! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!!?
  • Chip (As a toddler): Hi!
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