Girl's Night In/Quotes

(Turner's House; Front door)
Timantha: So, why are you guys leaving again?
Astronov: We figure we needed a little guy time.
Cosmo: Yeah, go fishing, do a little bowling and not talk about our feelings.
Timmy: It's a guy thing, sis, you wouldn't understand.
Timantha: Thank goodness.
Astronov: Now Neptunia, be sure you won't leave the conditioner on too long.
Neptunia: (sigh) I keep it on for more than 6 hours, and you just won't let it go, will you?
Sunny: We'll be fine, Dad. It would be nice for us girls to have a little free time of our own.
Ivan: Okay guys, time for a little guys trip.
(Cosmo, Astronov and Poof raise their wands and poof up a mini van)
Poof: Bye Mom.
Wanda: Have fun, sweetie.
Timmy: If there's any trouble...
Chloe: We'll be okay, Timmy, don't worry. You boys have fun.
Cosmo: Okay, bye.
Astronov: Uhh, Cosmo, maybe you should let me... (Cosmo floors it) DRIIIIVE!!!!
Wanda: Oh, I'm gonna miss those boys already. (flys inside Timmy's bedroom window) Bo-hoh, bo-hoh, bo-hoh.
(Confetti, fireworks and balloons pops out of Timmy's window)
Wanda: (off-screen; excited tone) Ha-ha! Bo-hoh! Bo-hoh!
Neptunia: I think Wanda's taking it pretty hard.
Chloe: Yeah.
Timantha: Let's join the party!
Sunny: Yeah!
(Timantha, Chloe, Neptunia and Sunny runs inside the house and joins in with Wanda; all girls combined a conga line)
Timantha, Chloe, Wanda, Neptunia and Sunny: Da da da da da, hey! Girl's night o-out! No boys are allo-owed!
(In the middle of Dimmsdale)
Mandie: (seeing all the females in Dimmsdale) Just look at these fools, it's as if nothing dreadful will ever happen. Well, they thought wrong. If I can't destroy the Earth, I might as well take it over with an iron fist, that is, if my hands were made of iron. Never the less, now that I've upgraded the Boudacian Evil Increaser, I can blast a huge city pile of Boudacian dust all over Dimmsdale, and every female in this town will be corruptly vile and evil.
(blast the dust all over Dimmsdale; Mandie makes an evil laugh while the dust affects every female in Dimmsdale; the eyeballs turn glowing red individually; Mrs. Turner, Connie Carmichael, Mrs. Prestonovich, Martha James, Trixie, Tootie, Veronica, Liane Star, Charlotte, Missy, Candy, Principal Waxelplax, Mrs. Crocker and strangely, not Vicky)
Vicky: I don't feel anything.
(every possessed female groups near Mandie)
Mandie: Female citizens of Dimmsdale, I've got a proposition for you.
Martha: Who are you?
Mandie: My name is Princess Mandie.
Connie: What is your proposition, Princess Mandie?
(a close up on Mandie with an evil smile)

Ivan: Man, do I love fishing.
Timmy: And what better way to get fish, is to turn into a shark yourself and scare them off the pond.
(Cosmo as a shark chasing the fish in the pond)
Astronov: I sure am glad we could have a little us time.
Poof: Yeah, no females watching our backs, no worries...
Timmy: And best of all, not a villain in sight.
(The L.O.S.E.R.S. hiding in the bushes)
Dark Laser: That's what you think, Timmy Turner.
Crocker: Destroying Turner, Ivan and their FAIRIES in a dangerous swamp in a private pond is a splendid idea.
Foop: And no one will be able to hear them scream.
Crocker: Hopefully you didn't spoke too soon, otherwise, we could be stalked by wild animals in this swamp.
Sparky: Like this creature behind us?
(creature roars)
Foop: What the heck is that?
Sparky: I have no idea. Some monster with a hand for a head.
(creature grabs the L.O.S.E.R.S. with its hand head)
Dark Laser: Save me, Flipsie!
(L.O.S.E.R.S. scream being eaten off-screen; creature burps)

(Possessed female army rebuilding Dimmsdale)
Dolores: Boots have been polished as requested.
Martha: And your painting is finished. (shows Mandie the painting of her)
Mandie: Excellent. Much better than the last one.
(camera shows the previous crude looking painting of Mandie with goofy teeth and glasses, talking to a chicken)
Mandie: Why would I even be talking to a chicken?
Tootie: Your brilliantness, you're about five seconds for your dramatic evil laugh schedule.
Mandie: (looks at her watch) Oh, right. (evil laugh) Man that feels good. (to Vicky chained up) Must feel bad not seeing the chaos, huh?
Vicky: You won't get away with this. I can't believe I'm saying this, but just wait until the twerps and their fairies get to you, then you'll be sorry.
Mandie: Oh, I'll make sure of it. But don't worry, you'll still get what you want, to have every one in town unhappy.
(Turner's house)
Timantha: I am so not unhappy. Having a little girls time sure is soothing.
(camera shows the Timantha, Chloe and fairies in a mud bath)
(short pause)
Wanda: Anyone else bored?
Chloe: I am.
Sunny: Same here.
Timantha: Totally.
Neptunia: I think I left the air conditioner on too long.
(Wanda and Neptunia raise the wands and poofs away the mud bath and poofed everyone's regular clothes back)
Sunny: Let's go to the Wal-2-Wal Mart. I hear that Tiny Cruster's Pizza has made cinnamon rolls.
(Timantha opens the door)
Timantha: Uh, guys. You should see this.
(The rest walks near Timantha and sees Dimmsdale completely different)
Chloe: This place looks life a madhouse. There's litter everywhere! Why?!
Timantha: I think the biggest question is why does every female in town have glowing red eyes?
Wanda: This may be a guess, but I can assume it's the work of Mandie.
(Mandie in a hover craft shows up)
Mandie: Right you are. It's a girl's dream to have the world to themselves, and with just the right touch. (points at a female to cue the music)
It's Girl's Night Now
Mandie: This could be quite the place♪
♪Full of wholesome happy faces♪
Dolores: Hanging out♪
Martha: Feeling fine♪
Connie: Where everyone's a friend of mine♪
Martha: Inside this evil joint♪
♪Every guest get's to the point♪
All: This day you live in infamy♪
Tootie: A world of men is history♪
(everyone makes an evil laugh)
All: It's girl's night now♪
♪It's girl's night now♪
♪In the back you can't ignore♪
Connie: Shut the windows♪
Dolores: Lock the door♪
All: It's girl's night now♪
Mandie: There's no escape from Mandie♪
♪You're just a bunch of ants♪
♪Go on run, take your try♪
♪I'll come and scare your pants♪
♪You've had your fun♪
♪You've did your play♪
♪But every rodent has its day♪
(instrumental solo; Timantha, Chloe and fairies outrunning the possessed females)
All: It's girl's night now♪
♪Join the fun with no regret♪
♪Only greedy, dirty deeds are allowed♪
(The girls jumped inside a manhole escaping)
♪It's girl's night now♪
(It's a boy free zone)
♪It's girl's night now♪
(song ends)

(dark alley)
Chloe: I think we've lost 'em.
Sunny: There's no way we can get past all of those possessed citizens.
Timantha: How exactly are we supposed to defeat Mandie?
Wanda: Look.
(sees Vicky strapped in a wall)
Timantha: Vicky? Why are you strapped up?
Vicky: I'm here, because due to my immunity of possession of pure evil, I was being forced to work with that hideous Mandie, but I refused. That's why I'm here.
Wanda: Hmm. You know, you could be of use to us to take her down.
Vicky: And why should I do that?
Chloe: Because if you don't, Mandie will take over all babysitting business and you won't be around for it.
Vicky: What? No! That's my job!
Timantha: If you want to continue on your torturous skills, you should form an alliance with us if you want Mandie out of the picture.
Vicky: I like a challenge. Alright. (Wanda frees Vicky) So, what's the plan?

Timmy: Well, looks like we're gonna have ice cold sushi for dinner tonight.
Ivan: I'll bet the girls are having a boring time without us.
Sunny: Hey guys, you came just in time to help us.
Poof: For what?
Vicky: Taking down that sorry excuse for a dictator, Mandie.
Timmy: Vicky?!
(The boys make a battle pose)
Timantha: Easy big brother, she's on our side... for now.
Ivan: Um, okay. And what do you mean about Mandie?
Neptunia: Look behind you.
(the boys turn around and see Mandie and her mind controlled army)
Mandie: Well, looks like you've decided to form a party.
Vicky: And we're gonna crash yours.
Mandie: (yawns) I'm bored already. Take them all down.
(possessed females attack)
Timantha: Split up!
(the team splits up)
(Cosmo and Astronov hide and see Mrs. Turner chasing Timantha)
Timantha: Now mom, let's not do anything we'll regret.
(Poof sneaks behind Mrs. Turner and spreads Cupid's love dust on her, her eyes stopped glowing and turned back to normal)
Timantha: Mom! (hugs her mom) You're free!
(Connie chasing after Chloe)
Chloe: Mom, stop! It's me, Chloe!
(Connie nearly destroy's her daughter until Sunny sneaks behind her and drops love dust on her and turned her back to normal)
Chloe: Mommy!
Connie: Chloe Mother Teresa Neil Armstrong Carmichael! What's going on here?
Chloe: It's a complicated story. Right now, we need to get you out of here.
(the team turns every female back to normal; Timmy turns and sees a possessed Tootie charging to him and grabs him)
Tootie: You can't get away from me!
Timmy: Wow, I've waited all puberty for a girl to say that to me, and now, it's a complete bummer.
Ivan: Which is saying something, considering it's coming from a girl who used to chase you all the time.
(Vicky drops love dust on Tootie and she was turned back to normal)
Tootie: Timmy? (hugs Timmy) Oh, thanks for saving me! (kisses Timmy on the cheek)
Vicky: Oh, gross. Get a room.
Mandie: I can't believe this. How am I gonna take over a planet now?
Ivan: By leaving this one right now.
Mandie: You got a better chance of taking me away if some weird creature with a hand for a head spits out a teacher, baby, alien and a dog and knocks me unconscious.
(The creature from the swamp shows up and spits out Mr. Crocker, Foop, Dark Laser and Sparky who land and knock Mandie unconscious)
Vicky: Wow, (breaks the fourth wall) serious deja vu.
Crocker: Uh, laying on that monster's stomach made me feel nauseated.
Dark Laser: Same here.
Foop: If you guys need us, we'll be going home, plotting a different perspective on annihilating you all.
(L.O.S.E.R.S. walk out)

(The Turner's House)
Timmy: Well, Mandie was taken back to her home planet and everything is normal again.
Timantha: If we didn't get your help, Vicky, we all would have been slaves by now.
Vicky: And now that the iron maiden is out of the way, whom would make a good Halloween costume for one of my friends, (pulls up her chainsaw) the babysitter will once again play!
Wanda: (along with Neptunia and Sunny charges their wands with bored expressions) And... (blast Vicky away) we're done.
Ivan: Boy, it sure was unexpected having a girls night out with Mandie showing up to ruin it.
Chloe: Yeah, but it was quite obvious in retrospect.
Neptunia: So, what did you guys do?
Cosmo: Just a little fishing.
Poof: Uh, is it getting cold in here?
Astronov: Neptunia!
Neptunia: C'mon, how bad could it be if it's too cold in...
(the entire room froze)
Wanda: Call the heat extinguisher.
(Title Card ending)

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