Gap Between Two Goals!/Quotes

(The Turner's House)
(Tommy's room; camera slowly zooms into Tommy's face as he's sweating and panicking; camera points to Tammy and the others looking at Tommy)
Greg: You have to think fast, Tommy!
Otto: You need to finish this, right now!
Jessie: If you love me, Tommy, you'll get this done today!
Tammy: If you don't get this over with, you'll never live this down! No pressure though.
Tommy: Okay, okay! I can do this!
(camera points down to Tommy's hands revealing he's actually playing a sports video game and manage to reach to the goal)
(the kids cheer)
(the screen shows Tommy's high score: 1,500,000,000,000)
D.J.: Way to go, Tommy!
Max: Well played.
Ravi: You can be my video game partner any day!
Tommy: Phew! I finally beat the high score in this game and without having to take a restroom break. Speaking of which, what time is it?
C.J.: 6:13.
Tommy: I'll be right back. (runs to the restroom)
Katie: (to Tammy) How come Tommy and your dad always have to go to the bathroom at 6:13?
Tammy: Strange statement ahead, it runs in the family. (stomach gurgles) Oh, speaking of which... (runs out of Tommy's bedroom making her way to the restroom)
Howie: And to think I've always been stuck as a 7:43 wizzinator.
Mouse: Well, it's getting late, we should all head home to get ready for tomorrow's event.
Mitzie: Oh, yeah. The "Family, Friends and Neighbors, Basketball Games" is tomorrow.
Greg: Ooh, I can't wait. Come on, let's all go home.
(everyone walks out of Tommy's room)
D.J.: (to Marty and Mitzie) Hey, you think your mom might make some sports shaped cookies during the games tomorrow?
C.J.: David.
D.J.: What? I'm just saying. We've got to have some food to keep tomorrow events entertaining.
Marty: I dunno, making cookies seems like something our aunt Alex would do.

(Dimmsdale Park;The Dimmsdale Annual Family, Friends and Neighbors, Basketball Games)
(family and friends join together chatting)
Chester: (inhales) Ah, the sweet smell of kicking basketballs. If I'd stink at this sport as I do in baseball, I would've had my nickname, "Chester, the worst player on the team" in both sports.
(everyone sign their names and after Ivan signed his name, he turned his head and noticed Chloe was sitting on the bench looking down)
Ivan: Something on your mind, hon? Still having doubtful thoughts of your childhood when you were called "the perfect girl" for the wrong reasons?
Chloe: Oh, no. Not this time. I'm just... uh... looking at this filthy grass, can you imagine what's deep inside there?
Ivan: Chloe.
Chloe: (hesitant) Hmmm... Okay. I'll tell you. I'm... (sharp inhale) I... I'm afraid of basketball, okay.
Ivan: (silent for a few seconds) You're... (tries not to laugh) you're kidding, right?
Chloe: I'm serious, Ivan. I am afraid to play basketball. Why else do you think I got this gap in my upper teeth?
Ivan: What?! I thought you told us from time to time that you got that gap because you took a bite out of a file hiding from inside your fifth birthday cake which was accidentally mixed up from a prisoner's cake.
Chloe: (sigh) I lied. I was afraid to tell the real truth about my gap. It all started way back in kindergarten.
(flashback to a five year old Chloe in kidnergarden; young Chloe making a huge and proud smile shown that she didn't get her gap yet)
Chloe: (voice) Being the confident, cheerful young lady that I still am now, I had a lot of confidence to play basketball and I never felt more proud of myself than ever.
(young Chloe playing basketball like a pro and the score was at 99 to 0)
Chloe: But all that changed when the rival team decided to play rough.
(the opposite team was angered and started to make things hard as they got more serious and started making scores crazy fast until it was a tie)
Chloe: It felt like as if they were trying to play nice for a little while until we antagonize them. And in that moment... (one of the players from the opposite team swing his arm and threw the ball and it was bouncing around the gym like crazy) ...the moment that that became one of the most tragic days of my life...
(the bouncing basketball was still bouncing around until in slow motion it was flying towards one of Chloe's teammates' face)
Young Chloe: (jumps in the way taking the hit) Noooo!!
(that his from Chloe's face made the basketball flew through the opposing team's goal scoring the team to 100, but no one in the audience was cheering as they were more concerned about the injured Chloe who gets up and uncovers her hands out of her mouth as it was open showing a crack in her upper teeth then the cracked upper teeth turned into a gap; everyone gasped, Clark and Connie stand up shocked, Connie panicked and dials the emergency number on her phone; Chloe sees her reflection in the shiny gym floor and noticed she now has a gap and was in tears)
(end of flashback)
Chloe: I didn't have any other option. I couldn't bear to see someone get hurt like that.
Ivan: Look, Chloe, sometimes bad things happen and sometimes there's nothing you can do to change that.
Chloe: I suppose.
Ivan: You don't have to play basketball if you don't want to. But the least you can do is support us.
Chloe: Well...
Ivan: We'll be fine. Trust me. (kisses Chloe in the cheek and walks off)

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