Series Name
Season 20, Episode
Air date TBA
Written by User:Fopsb161819
Directed by Butch Hartman
Episode Guide
Hard Luck Story


Timmy plays his favorite video game, The Heroic Guido Cousins (parody of The Super Mario Bros.), and gets bored. He then wishes that he was in the game, and in the game, he was Heroic Guido (parody of Super Mario); Cosmo was Cousin Angelo (parody of Luigi); Sparky was Wishy (parody of Yoshi); Wanda and Poof were the two mushrooms Mush and Room (both a parody of Toad); Tootie was Duchess Pear (parody of Princess Peach); and Vicky was Boxer (parody of Bowser). In the game, "Boxer" captures the "Duchess Pear", and "Super Guido" must rescue her. Unfortunately, Timmy is a little concerned of rescuing, since she is really Tootie.


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