Game Dev Wishing!/Quotes

(The Turner's house; Tammy, Greg, Jessie, Otto, D.J. and C.J. are watching Tommy play Fallouch 67)
Tommy: This game's awful!
Greg: I agree. Why did they have to make this an online-only game if it doesn't even function properly?
D.J.: How could Mythesda mess up so bad?
Timmy: (as he walks in) Are you kids playing Fallouch 67?
Tammy: Yes, dad.
Timmy: This game's a real waste of money. I was so excited when it came out, being the fourth entry in the Fallouch series, but when I played it, I was disappointed. I have a horrible story regarding this game. I discovered so many glitches that I wrote a guide about it on the internet. Take a guess what Mythesda did.
Jessie: They promoted you and patched the glitches?
Timmy: NO! They banned me!
C.J.: How ungrateful.
Timmy: After that, I never played the game again.
Otto: I've heard that they've also added a Fallouch 1st subscription service that adds features which should've been in the game in the first place at a hideously expensive cost. To have the membership for a year, you have to pay more double of what the game costs.
Tammy: Not to mention, the whole fiasco involving a canvas bag that was supposed to come with the special edition...
Tommy: That's it, I'm uninstalling the game!
Timmy: Good riddance. It's a shame how Fallouch 67 turned out. It had a lot to live up to Fallouch 3, arguably my favorite game in the series. In fact, just thinking about it made me think that I could make a game of my own someday that would be much better than what you were playing just now.
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