Fun Fun Fun! is a song featured at the beginning of Return of the Musical: Vicky's Evil Plot! It is sung by Timmy Turner, Tootie, and their friends as summer vacation begins. Unbeknownst to them, though, Vicky is planning to make their vacation miserable.


Chorus (quietly): Fun, fun, fun..... (repeated)
Timmy: Come on.....Come on....
Be the end of the day already!
(school bell rings)

Timmy: No school! No chores! Just fun and lots of wishes galore!
Tootie: That's right! Let's play every minute of every single day!
Kids: We're all just havin fun, fun fun!
Trixie: Come on everyone!
Veronica: Just havin' fun fun fun fun fun!
Sanjay: Yeah!
Timmy and Tootie: Havin' lots of fun, can't you see?
Chester and Veronica: Havin' fun fun fun fun fun fun fun!

Timmy: And maybe AJ will get a girlfriend.

Kids: Fun fun fun!
In the Sun!
Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun!

Vicky: Look at those little brats!
Especially the one in the stupid pink hat!
Having fun, running around like that!
Gosh I hate kids, and that's a FACT!
I'm gonna do something they'll never see!
Then they'll all bow down to ME!
Each and every rambunctious child
Will serve ME instead of running WILD!

(song ends)

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