From a Wimp to a Bully/Quotes

(Dimmsdale Elementary; Ivan was walking at the sidewalk to school until he noticed no one was around)
Ivan: Odd. Nobody's here. Is it a no school day and I haven't been told?
(Ivan gets dragged inside a bush he was standing behind to)
Timmy: (covering Ivan's mouth; whispering) What do you think you're doing?! Do you have any idea what day it is?
Ivan: Is it, "Hide Under the Bush and Avoid School Day"?
Timmy: Oh, I wish. But no, today marks the one day of the year where Francis is is at a bullying rampage!
Ivan: Come on, dude, he pretty much rampages with his bullying all the time. What's the difference?
(kids screaming; Timmy and Ivan look though the bushes as they see Francis shaking two kids taking their lunch money)
Timmy: Okay, so far Francis is in a good mood this morning.
Ivan: How is THAT a good mood?
Timmy: If he was in a bad mood, he'd be giving those kids atomic wedgies up the flagpole.
Ivan: Well, as long as he's in a quote unquote, "good mood" and nothing happens to spice him up in his bullying rampage, today won't be too horrible, right?
(school dismissal bell rang; everyone ran out of the school; the fairies disguised as birds look for Timmy and Ivan and found them hanging on a flagpole with their underwear attached)
Neptunia: Oh, there you two are, we were wondering why you weren't in your final period class.
Timmy: You should thank Francis.
Cosmo: Really? That would be anti-climatic thanking one of your enemies.
Timmy: I was being sarcastic. Now help us down!
(the fairies raise their wands and poof Timmy and Ivan safely to the ground)
Timmy: I can't stand this anymore, especially for the rest of my school years!
Ivan: Francis' bullying has gone far enough!
Wanda: What did he do?
Timmy: Oh, the usual stuff when he's in a bad mood.
(three flashbacks of Francis bullying)
Timmy: (heard) First, the bunsen burner.
(Francis has Chester hanging upside down near a bunsen burner)
Ivan: (heard) Then, there's the "tossing body to trash" game.
(Francis tosses A.J. near a trash chute)
Timmy: (heard) And the old fashion atomic wedgie up the flagpole.
(Francis laughs and points as an annoyed Timmy and Ivan look at each other in dismay)
Ivan: We need to do something about this. I can't risk seeing what might happen when he's grown up and still remains the same way.
Poof: Well, (as he and the other fairies turn to normal) why not just use your time scooter to go back in time and find out why Francis is what he is today?
Timmy: That's a great idea, Poof.
Ivan: Yeah, that way, we'll be able to help him become a better person and he'll stop beating the pants off of us.
Cosmo: And your teeth and lunch money too.
Timmy: I wish I had my time scooter!
(Cosmo and Wanda raise their wands;TIME POOF)
(Timmy and Ivan jump on the time scooter)
Astronov: Where to start first?
Timmy: Well, Francis once said that he was born in North Dakota. So, let's go to the time when he was born.
Neptunia: Hopefully, he wasn't born during the battle between two Dakotas.
(Timmy activates the time portal and they all drove through it)

(North Dakota Nearly Twelve Years Ago)
Timmy: Here we are, North Dakota twelve years ago. (camera zooms out revealing where they are) And inside a hospital with surveillance cameras.
Ivan: We better disguise ourselves.
(the fairies quickly raise their wands and poof up disguises to fit in)
Ivan: Now, where could baby Francis be?
(loud crashing; people screaming)
Neptunia: I'd say he's conveniently somewhere where there's loud crashing and people screaming in fear, but your guess is as good as mine.
(the gang look though the window and sees baby Francis madly trying to reach a lollypop from the nurse and one of the doctors covering his nose with napkins preventing nose bleeds while his mom grabs a hold of him)
Nurse: Mr. and Mrs. Callahan, if I were you, I'd keep an eye on your son. Last thing the world wants is another bully going on a rampage on a bad day.
Shelia: Don't worry, we'll do whatever we can to keep this precious gift from above from turning himself into something he's not.
Timmy: "Precious" is the last word to describe this baby.
Shelia: Larry, can you carry Francis while I write down his name and birth certificate?
Larry: What do I looks like, a guy who's not lazy?
(Shelia glares)
Larry: (gets up) Oh, alrights.
Astronov: Well, we should write down "neglectful father" on the list.
(Larry is heard punching the nurse offscreen)
Nurse: Ow! Mr. Callahan, don't make me call the cops!
Neptunia: As well as "woman hitter".
Ivan: That's clearly not going to be enough to help redeem Francis. (to Timmy) When you and your mom switched brains, didn't Francis mention to her that he wanted to be an interpretive dancer?
Timmy: Hey, yeah! That could be our main answer. We should go a little forward into his early childhood to see why his dream was crushed.
Ivan: Then let's go forward a few years.
Cosmo: Hey, where's Wanda?
(camera cuts to Wanda as she was talking to one of the doctors)
Wanda: So, how munchy are your chocolate bars in the vending machines?
(Cosmo drags Wanda toward the others)
Wanda: What? Chocolate bars in vending machines in North Dakota used to cost half the price than they do in the present.
(Timmy activates his time scooter and drove to the timestream)

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