From a Wimp to a Bully/Quotes

(School dismissal bell rang; everyone ran out of the school; the fairies disguised as birds look for Timmy and Ivan and found them hanging on a flagpole with their underwear attached)
Neptunia: Oh, there you two are, we were wondering why you weren't in your final period class.
Timmy: You should thank Francis.
Cosmo: Really? That would be anti-climatic thanking one of your enemies.
Timmy: I was being sarcastic. Now help us down.
(the fairies raise their wands and poof Timmy and Ivan safely to the ground)
Timmy: I can't stand this anymore, especially for the rest of my years in school!
Ivan: Francis' bullying has gone far enough!
Wanda: What did he do?
Timmy: Oh, the usual stuff.
(three flashbacks of Francis bullying)
Timmy: (heard) First, the Bunsen Burner.
(Francis has Chester hanging upside down near a Bunsen Burner)
Ivan: (heard) Then, there's the "tossing body to trash" game.
(Francis tosses A.J. near a trash chute)
Timmy: (heard) And the old fashion underwear in flagpole.
(Francis laughs and points as an annoyed Timmy and Ivan look at each other in dismay)
Ivan: We need to do something about this. I can't risk seeing what might happen when he's grown up and still remains the same way.
Poof: Well, (he and the other fairies turn to normal) why not just use your time scooter to go back in time and find out why Francis is what he is today?
Timmy: That's a great idea, Poof.
Ivan: Yeah, that way we'll be able to help him become a better person and he'll stop beating the pants off of us.
Cosmo: And your teeth too.
Timmy: I wish I had my time scooter!
(Cosmo and Wanda raise their wands;TIME POOF)
(Timmy and Ivan jump on the time scooter)
Astronov: Where to start first?
Timmy: Well, Francis once said that he was born in North Dakota. So, let's go to the time when he was born.
Neptunia: Hopefully, he wasn't born during the battle between two Dakotas.
(Timmy activates the time portal and they all drove through it)

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