• Foop: *Wakes up in Hospital Bed, Hooked up to many machines* H-Huh? W-where *coughs* am I?
  • Dr. Rip Studwell: You're in the hospital, Foop. Poof saved your life after you walked off a cliff during aFairy Clipse.
  • Poof: *Standing next to Dr. Studwell* Poof, Foop! (Hi, Foop!) *Grins happily*
  • Foop: B-B-But, W-We're `sposed to be Enemies! Why did you do it?
  • Poof: *Shrugs shoulders and sighs* Poof, Poof. (I don't know.)
  • Foop: *Eyes Tear up, Lips shiver* Oh, Poof! *Grabs Poof and hugs him* I didn't realize this before! Oh, We're gonna be the best of friends! *Squeezes Poof*
  • Poof: *squee* Poof, Poof?

  • Foop: Oh, Poof! What should we do first?!
  • Poof: Uuhh..Poof-Poof? (I dunno?)
  • Foop: Exactly what I was thinking! Let's go! *Grabs Poof's arm*
  • Poof: POOF! POOF-POOF!
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