Friendly Popular Rivalry/Quotes

(Dimmsdale Elementary; Tommy walking in school hallways, Jessie walks up to him)
Jessie: Hi, Tommy.
Tommy: (nervously) Hello, Jessie... what's up?
Jessie: Oh, nothing much. See you at Crocker's class, don't be tardy! (blows a kiss to Tommy)
Tommy: Ew, gross! (pretends to gag and spit) (quietly) I love you, Jessie.
Tammy: What's the matter, Tommy? Are girls giving you hives again?
Tommy: No!
Tammy: Should I call nurse Missy to give you a cootie shot?
Tommy: Tammy, stop teasing me!
Wanda: We've heard what you said about Jessie. You secretly like her!
Tommy: Lies!
Cosmo: (singing) Tommy likes Jessie! Tommy likes Jessie!
Tommy: I do not! (sigh) Okay, yes. I do like Jessie, even though she's given me so much pain. I confessed it to her back at the Ocean Universe amusement park. And Cosmo, I wish there was a mute button for your voice, because I sometimes find it annoying.
Poof: He's got you there, dad.
Cosmo: Okay, I'll be quiet.
Tammy: Let's get to class, Shy Guy.
Tommy: (to himself) As if my mom teasing me about Jessie wasn't enough...

(in Mr. Crocker's class)
Kevin Crocker: Morning, class. Today we have a new student joining our class. She said that she's rich, pretty and lives in a huge mansion.
Greg: Oooh, she sounds interesting.
Kevin Crocker: Class, I'd like to give you a warm welcome to Amanda Martin!
(a blonde haired girl shows up at the door, Marty and Tommy gasp, and are lovestruck. Other students notice her, and greet her.)
Kids: Hi, Amanda.
Marty: Gosh, you're pretty...
Amanda: Thank you! What's your name?
Marty: I'm Martin Mulligan, or just Marty.
Amanda: Nice to meet you. And it's really cute how your first name is the same as my family name.
Greg: Hello, Amanda, my name's Greg Prestonovich.
Amanda: Pleased to meet you too.
Tommy: I'm Tommy Turner, and I love how pretty you look. Can you sit next to me?
Amanda: (scoffs) In your dreams!
Tommy: Pleeeease?
Marty: No, Amanda, sit next to me!
Tommy: I saw her first!
Kevin Crocker: Marty, Tommy, don't bother the new girl. She can sit whereever she likes. Now get to work.
Jessie: Great, she's stealing my attention and my boyfriend. I might as well not be here.
C.J.: Don't worry, girl, it's probably for this one time that Amanda gets to be more popular than you.
Amanda: Oh, and Mr. Crocker, (pulls out an apple) I have something for you.
Kevin Crocker: Ah, an apple! Classic gift for a teacher. I'm already starting to like you, Amanda. Take your seat.

(after class)
Jessie: (thoughts) Okay, Jessie, relax. You're still popular, you won't be a second banana to another popular girl like your mom Veronica. (aloud) Can someone help me carry this backpack?
(everyone else, except for Greg, D.J., C.J., Marty, Mitzie, Tommy, Tammy and Otto surrounds Amanda)
Jessie: (sigh) Overshadowed by Amanda again.
D.J.: Don't feel bad, Jessie. We still support you.
Tammy: Yeah, Amanda may be more popular, but to us, you're the most popular student.
Jessie: Thanks, guys.
Amanda: Yes, I live in a huge mansion. It's bigger than the Tang and Buxaplenty mansions.
Tommy: Wow, her mansion's bigger than my mom's?
Otto: And my dad's, apparently.
Juandissimo: She's giving your papa a run for his money.
Blonda: No kidding.
Otto: I have to admit, she looks really cute.
Jessie: That's the problem!
Otto: I know. Despite how pretty Amanda may be, my heart still belongs to Tammy.
Marty: (sighs) Amanda...
Jessie: Oh, please! Amanda? Girls like her are a dime a dozen!
Mitzie: Yeah. You can't judge a book by its cover.
Marty: Only one way to find out. (walks over to Amanda) Uh, hi, Amanda...
Amanda: What do you want?
Marty: I... uh...
Amanda: You've fallen for me? Hmmm... seeing as I'm the most popular girl here in Dimmsdale Elementary, and that there are no popular boys around, sure, you can be my boyfriend!
Marty: What, really?
Amanda: Yes.
Marty: WAHOO!!! (his shorts fall down, revealing pink colored underwear) Eep! (puts his shorts back on) Forget you saw that.
(Mitzie and Jessie walk over to Marty and Jessie puts her hand on his shoulder as Amanda giggles at Marty)
Jessie: Kudos, Marty. You just set an all-time speed record for drowning in the shallow end of the gene pool.
Amanda: Oh, no! You did not just call me shallow, did you?!
Jessie: Yeah, I said it! If you mean do I think I can stand in a puddle full of you and not get my feet wet, then yeah.
Kids: Ooooooh!
Jessie: Amanda, I know that you're new here, but I, Jessie Prestonovich, am the most popular girl in Dimmsdale Elementary, not you!
Amanda: No, I'm the most popular girl in Dimmsdale Elementary, and I am not shallow!
Jessie: We'll see!
Tommy: (walks over to Amanda and pulls out a bouquet of flowers; shoves Marty out of the way) I picked these flowers for you, Amanda.
Amanda: Wow, thanks!
Jessie: TOMMY!
Tommy: What? At least she doesn't hit me like you do on occasions! (to Amanda) Will you go out with me?
Amanda: Uh, no.
Tommy: Well, I'm gonna keep asking until you say "yes"!
Marty: Not if I have anything to do with it!
Tommy: Look, I didn't embarrass myself in front of my new girlfriend!
Marty: Why you-!
(Tommy and Marty fight; Tammy grabs Tommy, Mitzie grabs Marty simultaneously)
Mitzie: Okay, boys, break it up!
Jessie: We're gonna duel and see who's going to be the most popular girl in this school.
Amanda: You're on!

(montage of Jessie and Amanda in school fighting for popularity)

(back home)
Jessie: (picks up a photo of Amanda Martin and rips it) WHY! CAN'T! I! BE! YOU?!
Veronica: (off-screen) Jessie, dinner.
Jessie: Don't call me that! (puts on an Amanda wig) Call me Amanda! I'M AMANDA!
Chester: Sounds like your daughter has trouble being popular.
Veronica: I'll go and talk to her. (to Jessie) Now, Jessie, just calm down and explain what's happening to you.
Jessie: (takes a deep breath, puts her Amanda wig away) Mom, there's a new student in school, named Amanda Martin, and she's stealing all of the attention from me! With the exception of my half-brother Greg and my other friends, literally everyone is gushing over her, even Tommy! She's like the equivalent of Tommy's mom, Trixie!
Veronica: I see. Well, news flash, Jessie, I had trouble staying popular too! (over clips from various episodes showing Veronica in her youth) When I was your age, I was popular, just like you. However, I was the second most popular girl in school, behind my best friend Trixie. Before I met your father, a lot of painful things happened to me. Something stopped me from carrying shopping bags, I once got a black eye, and, of course, I really wanted to be like Trixie so that Timmy could like me more. Just hearing you yell about wanting to be like Amanda really reminded me of my childhood.
Jessie: If I had to guess, this kind of bad luck must be running in the family, huh?
Veronica: Yeah. And before I was born, your grandfather, my dad, also had bad luck when he was your age. He was the third most popular kid in school, behind my mom and Trixie's dad.
Jessie: That explains a lot.

Sunny: If you're planning to compete against Amanda, you know that you can't use magic to win against her.
Astronov: Yeah. You need to have a team of good friends that you can trust.
Jessie: You're right.

Tammy: Jessie, if you win against Amanda, you have to promise me not to hit Tommy again for 2 weeks.
Jessie: Deal! (punches Tommy in the shoulder)
Tommy: Ow!
Jessie: Oops, sorry, force of habit.
Tommy: No, it's okay. I saw it coming.
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