Francis Cornfish
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Sea Urchin
Age 13
Parents Mr. Cornfish

Mrs. Cornfish

Siblings Bitter Cornfish

Cruel Cornfish

Grandparents Grandpa Cornfish

Grandma Cornfish

Production Information
First Appearance A Large Problem!
Voiced by Tom Kenny

Francis Cornfish is the main villain for Fairly OddSeesponges! He picks on kids younger than him at his school.


Francis Cornfish is the school bully. He picks on kids at See Angeles Middle School and is often told on.


Francis Cornfish is 5'2 and wears a black T-Shirt and ripped up blue jeans. He looks somewhat like the real Francis.


  • He sometimes beats up Timmy as well.
  • He is a parody of Francis the Bully, Who is his FC's Alternate Human version.
  • His mom isn't evil at all, though his dad got out of prison 2 years ago.
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