the 3rd episode of planet poof paired with dismissed


when a package for poof comes it hypnotizes poof into not remembering who everybody is and just attack and he turns evil and king gripullon tells mark of the package that poof got in the mail and he's evil so he goes to his wepon storage closet and sees what wepon can suck the hypnotisum out of poof but he does find a forget it ray but it lands in the wrongs hands and leads mark to forget who he was now when ti and little tom hear about this they must get the forget it ray back without being shot meanwhile meanwhile kantana and dylan get arrested for stealing a video game and retunia and zolo must break theam out but will ti and little tom rescue mark's memory and poof from destroying yugopatamia and will retunia and zolo be able to break kantana and dylan out of jail

voice cast

tara strong as poof

rob paulsen as king gripullon/mark

leo howard as ti

moises arias as little tom

selena gomaze as retunia

alyson hannigan as zolo

jason dolly as police officer


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