"April fools!"

The April Fool talks to Timmy about the joke books in the library

The April Fool: "You need help with playing jokes?, you came to the right person. You see, this library is full of all kinds of joke books from all different years.

Timmy: "Cool!"

The Fool goes over to shelves, and points out books

The April Fool: "Here is one with 1,000,000 knock knock jokes! And here is.."

Timmy: "Ummmm"

The April Fool: "And over to the left is my huge collection of joke books dated in the 1700s. I just can't get enough of them!"

Timmy: "I said I wanted pranking advice, not a tour of your joke book collection."

The April Fool: "Well why didn't you just say so? Oh wait, I still haven't shown you my joke books dated B.C.."

The fool continues to blab, and Timmy leaves.

Timmy: "Maybe we should try to play a prank on The April Fool."

Stiffy: "I don't know about that. I know my brother well, and he is just too good. After all, he is THE April Fool."

Nick: "You know, everyone has a weak side. I just found out the other day that even Jorgen has a weak side, but he just got angrier at me when he knew that I knew that."

Timmy remembers The April Fool say that he can't get enough joke books dated in the 1700s

Timmy: "Guys, I think I know The Fool's weakness."

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