Series Name
Season 17, Episode 34
Air date June 12th, 2033
Written by User:Glitter Glam


Directed by Butch Hartman
Episode Guide
Wish of Gloom
Night of the Living Poof

Flowerbloom's Royal Party is the 34th Episode of Season 17

Part 1

FlowerBloom (Angel's cousin) gets a new babysitter named Cadance after her parents left for a vacation. Cadance is a really nice babysitter. Cadance was really going to soon be future Queen of Fairy World! So Flowerbloom decides to make a party to celebrate for Cadance.

Part 2

Flowerbloom's parents (uknown) were coming back from their Vacation. Meanwhile, Flowerbloom gets trapped by Mr.Crocker, Who's Fairy detecing device went crazy.


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!
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