This is live action movie. It takes place 2 years after the birth of Tommy Turner and Tammy Turner (Timmy and Tootie are 25 years old). In this movie Poof has gone missing!


The Movie begins with Timmy Turner and Tootie Turner in their home look from window, how Mr and Mrs Turner play some games with Tommy and Tammy (who are momentally 2-years old). Grandparents lost their mood and go home. Tootie say to Timmy to go to kids. Timmy agrees. That night, Anti-Cosmo capture Poof when everyone sleep. Next day Turner family go to park, but then Tootie finds Poof is gone! Timmy wish for detector of Poof. He finds a Poof isnt on earth and is on south. Timmy say in Fairy world. But Wanda say position of Fairy and Anti-Fairy world is changing. Timmy therefore say they want some fairies and one more human. Timmy call his old friend Tina. When Tina come, Timmy talk her about his problem, but Tina dont believe, because she lost her fairies 2 years ago. But when are Cosmo and Wanda appear, Tina begin to remember. They go to Fairy World and meet Fletcher family. Timmy say to Tina, they names are Olive, Quincy, Flynn, Cutie and Kammy. Tina was think they everybody are Zeke ( reference to canon movie Timmy's Secret Wish! ).


  • Tommy and Tammy are blond haired, instead of black and brown.
  • Fan character Tina is in this movie
  • 1st CGI form of Anti-Cosma family


  • Eric Bauza as Foop
  • Mia Talerico as Tammy
  • Connor and Owen Fielding as Tommy


    Tina ( Allison Scagliotti )again meet her fairies ( are in front of her )

  • Allison Scagliotti as Tina

    2-years old Tammy Turner (portrayed by Mia Talerico) in front of home

    Tommy Turner ( Owen Fielding ) in Anti-Fairy world

  • Grey DeLisle as Vickys babysitting robot
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