The Finale Rock Song is the closing song from Return of the Musical: Vicky's Evil Plot!


Tootie: You have to get up, and get into the groove!
That's right, don't miss a beat!

Timmy: When you hear the rhythm,
You have to move your feet!

Both: So come on! jump up,
Shout real loud!
Move your feet to the perfect beat!
The crowd is surely wowed!

(guitar solo by Timmy)

Chester: You've got the beat inside you,
So just let it out!

Veronica: Because dancing and singing with all your friends
Is what Summer's all about!

Trixie: Come dance with me,
My sweet Remy!
We can make sweet harmony!

Remy: Trixie, my darling,
I'd do anything for you!
We'll dance together,
Just us two!

(instrumental music, A.J. and Charlotte are shown dancing)

Vicky: I should've known my plan would be stopped,
By that twerp in the stupid pink top!
I'm stuck here now in jail...
Unless someone pays my bail!

Cosmo and Wanda: The Summer is a fun time!
So come up with a good rhyme!
Poof: Poof, poof, poof, poof, poof-poof, POOF!
Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof: Come on now everyone!

Jorgen: You will dance or I'll bring you pain!
Let the music fill your veins!
The beat is one long chain
of catchy tunes and fun!

Kids: Just dance to the beat!

Timmy: Come on now, let's have some fun!

Kids: Just dance to the beat!

Tootie: There's enough for everyone!

Charlotte: I'm the best, just take a look at me!

A.J.: She's a little girl who's so pretty!

A.J., Charlotte: And we're here on the beach!
It's warm and moist, man!

Tootie: Our fun was ruined by Vicky!
She's pretty dang annoying to me!

Timmy: But now we're here and Vicky was put in jail!
The heroes win, the villain's plan has failed!

Timmy, Tootie: Now each and every child
has a great big smile!

Charlotte: Now let's all have some fun
Underneath the Sun!

Kids: Let's all have fun!

Timmy: It's my one wish!

Kids: Let's all have fun!

Tootie: We'll remember this!

Kids: Let's all have fun!

Charlotte: Shooby-doo-da-dee!

Timmy: Out here under the sun!

Kids: Let's all just have fun!


Vicky: Hello...? Hello?! A LITTLE HELP?!

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