This is a list of The Fairly OddParents books that are fanmade

#[1] Title Basis episode Image
1 The Boy Who Saved Family Stupid Cupid  
2 It's a Future Life Channel Chasers  
3 Chicken Poofs, Everywhere Chicken Poofs  
4 Brain Control He Poofs, He Scores  
5 Mommy Turner and Ms Timmy Manic Mom Day  
6 iFake Trouble Take and Fake  
7 Timmy Loves Trixie's Kisses A Wish Too Far, The Masked Magican, The End of the University, Wishology, Stupid Cupid and Take and Fake  
8 Funny Boy Class Clown  
9 Dying for Plants That's Life  
10 One Boy and One Girl Just The Two of Us
11 The Silent OddParents Pipe Down  
12 Poof and Foop Anti Poof, Playdate of Doom  
13 Nice Vicky Vicky Loses Her Icky
14 Too Much Dads Add A Dad  
15 Happy Birthday Timmy Boys in the Band, Birthday Bashed  
16 Wishology  
17 Strong Beach Man Beach Bummed  
18 Normal Crocker Crocker Shocker  
19 The Best Voice Chip Off The Old Chip  
20 Ninga Poof Wishology  
21 My Mom the Fry Cook Food Fight  
22 It's A Lpeurchaun's World Crocker of Gold  
23 Spellmentary and LOVE?  Spellmentary School and Love Triangle
24 The Case of the Missing Wanda Where's Wanda?  

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