Fake-i-fier 2.0
Fake-i-fier 2.0 image

Created by

Mark Chang & Timmy Turner



First Appearance

"A Taste of Fakery"

The Fake-i-fier 2.0 is a device created by Mark Chang & Timmy Turner. It's an upgraded version of the original fake-i-fier. It first appeared in the episode "A Taste of Fakery" of The All New Fairly OddParents!.


The Fake-i-fier 2.0 was first used by Chester as a volunteer for a test. Then Mark Chang used the Fake-i-fier to disguise himself on Earth, and it was later used by Ivan Prestonovich to disguise himself as Mark and infiltrate Mark's home planet, Yugopotamia. The fake-i-fier no longer malfunctions from affection or sweetness, but it's more affected by physical pain. For instance, if someone gets injured while wearing this disguise, especially when getting an open wound, the fake-i-fier might malfunction and cause either the disguise to dissapear, or just glitch out and switch between different forms. This fake-i-fier also no longer malfunctions if a person eats gross food to their species. Instead, it tries to adapt to the person's tastes.

According to Chester, the Fake-i-fier 2.0 also gives the user immunity to hives.


Like the original fake-i-fier, the device looks like a symbol of six lines, each with a circle at their end, that meet at the center to form a snow flake-like shape. It also has an on/off switch. The belt disappears when the disguise is applied, and a button appears on the character's belly incase the user feels like switching back. The belt doesn't transform the user automatically, instead, the user has to push a button on it to apply the disguise, whether it could be another person or another object. The Fake-i-fier 2.0 also has a keyboard function, allowing the person to type in anything he wants to transform into.


  • The Fake-i-fier 2.0 is based on the Fake-i-fier featured in "Wishology!".
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