Fairys Exposed Is A Special Fanmade episode of the Fairly odd parents. What Happens is Timmy makes the ultimate Wish and it goes wrong when fairys are revealed. He tries to save The secret but one problem. He Has to break a rule to do it. Now he must give up his godparents forever. Or Break the ultimate rule.


Timmy Makes a wish a mysterious one, he wishes To See the future so he does but finds the world is all chaos now. He searchs and finds Crocker but he isn't the suspect. Vicky isn't either. not even the anti fairies or pixies. Timmy goes back to the current place and says that The world is in danger in the future And a mysterious Masked person is spying. He records fairies as well as Timmy. Soon He Posts the video worldwide. Even timmys parents See it and They get dark personality. They Want The fairys to wish them whatever they want. Soon Timmy finds The Masked Mans Minion Who is The Counterpart of the roque eliminator that Timmy fought in wishology. He then Finds out about the Hidden Rule, Which is You cannot change the future or you will lose your godparents no matter what. Because Once the kids tried to never lose their godparents. Timmy Finally Meets the masked guy who is Binky. The fairy. Everyone is shocked and he reveals that he was treated Bad and was Just a dumb fairy. Timmy Defeats binky but it's just fake, binky was controled. now Timmy must find the true villain. Then the true secret is out. The major villain is A Demon Fairy Who was originally a fairy concil member. Timmy defeats him and Jorgen and the concuil decides to let him keep the fairys.

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