Series Name
Season 9, Episode 16
Air date August 20, 2015
Written by That Gamer
Directed by Butch Hartman
Episode Guide
Fairly Odd Jonas
10,000 Wishes Below the Sea

Fairy Overborad is the 16th fanmade episode of The Fairly OddParents from Season 9.



Mystic teleports the Turners to a crusie ship with a fairy catcher on it!


The Turner's (and Mystic) are going to their vaction spot. Mystic gets board and teleports them there, but Mr. Turner takes a right at Albraclarky (Timmy questions that) and ending up at a deserted island. Or a cruise boat. With a fariy chatching MANIAC on it! Mystic them takes away Cosmo, Wanda and Poofs magic and them throws himself overboard. The faries TRY to get used to living on the boat without magic, but Poof can't adjust. After 3 days, Poof gets desprate and goes overboard to look for Mystic. Timmy alerts Mr. & Mrs. Turner about Poof (NOT saying he's a fairy) and the fairy catcher says he can find him. Timmy warns Cosmo and Wanda and they steal a boat to find Poof. Turns out, Mystic swam ALL THE WAY BACK to the Turner's house and Poof RAN all the way there. Mystic then wipes Timmy's parents memories clean of this incedent and poof them back home. Mr. Turner THEN anonces they won tickets to a place called 'Fairy Catching Motel'. Timmy gulps.

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