Fairy High - School of Magic is a sort of spin-off/prequel, created by Stellaskia, of the Tho Fairly OddParents! series.

Plot series:

Long time ago, there was a special school called Fairy High where Fairies and Anti-Fairies learned about using spells and so on.
In this school, students were admitted according to their magic abilities and they had to pass eight years of apprenticeship, after which they were promoted.
But there is a mystery about this school and its attending...
So, let's see what adventures our heroes are gonna face in this strange school!

Main Characters:


  • Cosmo Cosma: he's a new student here in Fairy High school. He's good mood but he's also very stupid, and he combines a lot of trouble. He's also in love with Wanda. His brother Schnozmo is a student of the second year.
  • Wanda Fairywinkle: she's a new student here in Fairy High school, along with her sister Blonda. She's very smart and she always remedies the troubles combined by Cosmo or by her sister.
  • Jorgen Von Strangle: he's a student of the third year and a distant relative of Cosmo. Jorgen only wants to pass quietly the eight school years, but he's always involved into his friends' troubles.
  • Anti-Cosmo: he's a new student here in Fairy High. He's very smart and he wants to conquer the Universe, but his attempts always fail because of his classmates. His brother Anti-Schnozmo is a student of the second year.
  • Juandissimo Magnifico: he's a student of the second year. He is in love with Wanda, but she rejects him everytime.
  • Anti-Wanda: she'a a new student here in Fairy High, along with her sister Anti-Blonda. She's in love with Anti-Cosmo, but any attempt to declare it ends badly. She's very stupid.
  • Blonda Fairywinkle: she's Wanda's sister and a new student of the first year. She's pretty and quite vain.
  • Binky Abdul: he's a new student here in Fairy High. He's really optimistic.
  • Schnozmo Cosma: he's Cosmo's brother and a student of the second year. He tells many lies, but he's a good person.
  • Cupid: he's Juandissimo's best friend and a new student of the first year. he likes singing.


  • Miss Luminary: She,s Cosmo and Wanda,s teacher. She's a happy person, but she's quite eccentric.
  • Mr. Hole: he's the substitute teacher of Cosmo and Wanda's class. He's very intransigent and strict about school's rules, so he's always him who punishes students.
  • Mister Sparkle: he's the vice principal of the school. he's always very happy. He Also Teaches Schnozmo,s Class.
  • Mr. Kagi: he's the Principal of the Fairy High school. He's very mysterious.
  • Mrs. Carson: She,s Schnozmo,s Teacher When Mister Sparkle Is Busy Running the School with Mr. Kagi.
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