(Turner's House;Timmy, Ivan, Timantha and Chloe checked their long list)
Ivan: Okay, let's see what we got on our "Things to Wish for if Nothing Exciting Happens to Lift our Spirits for the Day" list.
Timmy: We got extreme bungy jumping at 4, turbo bike racing at 5:30 after dinner, giving Francis invisible wedgies at 7... Man, there's so much in this list I don't know what to choose.
Neptunia: (sigh) It sure is nice of you two enjoying your friendship figuring out what to do during your spare time. I'll never forget the day you two first met.
Wanda: Yeah, thinking about it for some reason makes me want to sing.
Cosmo: Me too. Makes me want to write down a musical of the day Timmy and Ivan first met.
Timantha: Hey, that just what might be a good wish to make.
Timmy: Yeah, Ivan and I will relive the day we first met, only this time, as a musical.
Chloe: What do you say, Ivan? Do you want to bring up some tunes for this wish?
Ivan: Yeah, I'm in.
Timantha: Then it's settled. Mind if I do the honors?
Timmy: Go for it.
Timantha: I wish Timmy and Ivan would relive the day they first met as a musical!
(the fairies raise their wands;SHOW TUNE POOF)

(Timmy and his fairies playing soccer Poof; Jorgen Von Strangle appears)
Jorgen: Timmy Turner, I've been notified that there's a new kid coming into Dimmsdale from Russia with his parents, who wants to be friends with you.
Timmy: WHAT?! I've had enough of those new people coming into my town!
Wanda: Relax, sport, (poofs away the soccer equipment and poofs their regular clothes on and Poof back into fairy form) he's a friendly kid. And he has fairy godparents, just like you!
Timmy: Really? Well, that's interesting.
Cosmo: It sure is, like a new flavor of ice cream!
Poof: Or a newborn child.
Timmy: What's the kid's name, anyway?
Jorgen: His name is Ivan Prestonovich.
Cosmo: Prestonovich? Is that Portuguese?
Jorgen: No, the kid is Russian. And he should be here momentarily. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got biceps to keep tan. (poofs away)
(cue song "Another New Face in Town")
(up tempo music plays)
Timmy: Apparently I have to learn to keep my frown upside down ♪
♪ Don't know what this kid has in store, can't see no other way around ♪
♪ Can he protect me against my enemies, keeping me safe and sound? ♪
♪ My relationship is in store for another new face in town ♪
Wanda: A magical dog with a reckless behavior ♪
Cosmo: (speaks) That's usually my shtick!
Poof: A girl who's an over-achieving do-gooder ♪
Wanda: (speaks) Now, let's not think too thick.
Timmy: (speaks) Yeah, and who knows? This Ivan kids sounds nice. What could possible go wrong?
Wanda: Do not ask that too early as we sing the rest of this song ♪
Cosmo: He could wish up fun-structive stuff ♪
Wanda: Don't pay attention to this clown ♪
Timmy: We're just going to have a chat ♪
All: With another new face in town ♪
(song ends)

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