Timmy: Wanda, I wish I had money! To get--
Wanda: No, no, Timmy. If you want the money, you have to selling something. [goes away]
Timmy: Ah, I know! Cosmo, I wish I had alot of chocolate!
Cosmo: You got it!

Cosmo: We're selling the chocolate on Fairy World!
Timmy: Okay! [goes to Fairy World]

Timmy: [knock on the door]
Unknown Fairy #1: [open the door] May I help you?
Unknown Fairy #1: Aah! [closes the door]
Timmy: Cosmo, you have to be nice if you want to get a customer.
Cosmo: Okay!

Unknown Fairy #2: Hello, may I help you?
Cosmo: I love you.
Unknown Fairy #2: [closes the door]
Timmy: Not like that! [knocks on the door]
Unknown Fairy #2: I'm not in love with you!
Timmy: Ah, we're sorry. But, did you want to buy some of this delicious chocolate?
Unknown Fairy #2: Chocolate? Ha! I don't wanna to eat that stupid chocolate anymore because, I was fat at 13 because of chocolate. Here's the photo. You can keep it for $10.
Timmy: No, we--
Cosmo: I'll take 20.

Timmy: Cosmo, focus. We're a seller, not a customer!

Cosmo: Looks, it's Anti-Cosmo. Maybe he's love with chocolate.
Timmy: No way!
Cosmo: Come on.
Timmy: Okay. [to Anti-Cosmo] Hi, egh, sir Anti-Cosmo.
Anti-Cosmo: Hello, Turner.
Timmy: Are you want to buy all, I mean, a chocolate?
Anti-Cosmo: Chocolate?
Cosmo: Yeah. So... delicious!
Anti-Cosmo: CHOCOLATE!
Timmy: Run, Cosmo, Run!
Anti-Cosmo: CHOCOLATE! [chasing Timmy and Cosmo]

Timmy: Remember Cosmo. Be focus if you want to get a customer.
Cosmo: I think this is Nana's house.
Timmy: Sshh! Nana's open the door!
Nana: Hello, can I help you?
Cosmo': Be focus...
Nana: Hello?
Cosmo: Be focus...
Nana: Okay, I'm sorry, but I can't buy your chocolate. [closed the door]
Timmy: [facepalm] Okay Cos--
Anti-Cosmo: CHOCOLATE!!!
Timmy: Run!!

Timmy: I think we can't watching Crash Nebula tonight. We don't have a customer. And money!
Cosmo: I know right.
Anti-Cosmo: CHOCOLATE!!!!
Timmy/Cosmo: Please don't kill us, please don't kill us!
Anti-Cosmo: I don't want to kill you but, can I buy ALL of your chocolate?
Timmy: [melts] Uh.. Sure? Where's the money? I mean--
Anti-Cosmo: Here's the money, No gimme SOME CHOCOLATE!!

Timmy: Finally Cosmo. We're rich! We can watching the Crash Nebula!

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