Quincy and Olive have another baby!


Story begin when Tina is finally in home from school. Sit to bed and read book. Then coming Quincy. Is little fat and refuted violet vomit. He say to Tina, he is a pregnant. Tina is happy, because will have a third god' sibling. Now must wait 3 months... 3 months later, Quincy is finally ready have baby. Goes to hospital where Quincy is in panic. Tina wish to baby is born. They look to cute indigo baby. Tina ask or is it a boy or a girl ( but only once, the difference of Timmy ). Dr Rip Studwell suggest to go to outside. Then to hospital goes Jorgen and Dr Studwell is revelated like Anti-Quincy in disguise. Anti-Quincy want baby to universe dominantion.

Tina and her god family run. Olive entrusts baby to Tina. Tina is alone with baby in park. Baby begin cry and begin rain. Tina amusement baby and that begin smile... and say his/her 1st word Kammy... in fact begin talk to Tina! Then comes Jorgen and want baby. Tina dont want, but Jorgen is leader of fairies. Sad Tina give baby to Jorgen, who revelated like Anti-Quincy and Anti-Olive in disguise. Anti-Quincy explains, he want some energy to Anti-Big Wand to wish universe domination! Tina and baby are in big trouble! But Olive have " mother instinct " and thanks to him can save baby. When are in Anti-Fairy world and find Tina and baby, is nearly late. But Tina save at last moment baby, when Anti-Quincy have rest. Tina wish to be in home. Family finds a baby is a girl and now choosing name for baby. Tina suggest Kammy. Family love that and baby is named Kammy.


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