The first season of FOS: Fairly OddStarfish (TV Series) first aired on February 21, 2009 with the episodes Pineapple Scented and The Krusty Kook. The season ended on March 2, 2009 with the episodes Past the Second and Gary's Playdate. This season contains 16 episodes. All of the episodes were made by User:Mractivity.


# Title Airdate Overview First Appearances Title Card 1 Title Card 2
1 Pineapple Scented / The Krusty Kook February 21, 2009 Pineapple Scented: Timmy and SpongeBob clean out the pineapple but Patrick keeps on messing it up with air freshener.2
The Krusty Kook: Timmy wishes he was the best fry cook ever to work at the Krusty Krab and he accidentally makes SpongeBob jealous.
Timmy, SpongeBob, Cosmo, Wanda, Patrick, Poof, Mr. Krabs, Gary PineAppleScent TheKrustyKook
2 Clarinet Recital / Waterlogged Parents February 23, 2009 Clarinet Recital: Timmy wishes Squidward was the best clarinet player ever! Meanwhile, Cosmo and Wanda teach Patrick how to behave.
Waterlogged Parents: Mr and Mrs. Turner go under water, (when Timmy wishes they had gills) and decides to live with SpongeBob and Timmy.
Squidward, Professional Maker of Behaved Men, Mr and Mrs. Turner Clarinet WaterParents
3 Krabby Patty Alert! / Patrick's Day February 24, 2009 Krabby Patty Alert!: Timmy and SpongeBob try to steal the stolen Krabby Patty back from Plankton.
Patrick's Day: Patrick becomes mayor for a day and all Bikini Bottomites have to bow down to him
Plankton, Karen, Bikini Bottomites KrabbyAlert PatrickDay
4 Boating TV / Poof, Poof! February 25, 2009 Boating TV: Timmy becomes the host of Mrs. Puff's new show, Boating TV.
Poof, Poof!: Mr. Krabs uses Poof as the cute mascot for the Krusty Krab.
Mrs. Puff, Fred BoatingTV PoofPoof
5 Squidsmo / Plankton Strikes Again! February 27, 2009 Squidsmo: Cosmo and Squidward become best friends. Meanwhile, Timmy and SpongeBob flip some patties for Mr. and Mrs. Turner at the Krusty Krab.
Plankton Strikes Again!: Plankton makes a giant robot so he can steal the Krabby Patty Formula
Plankton Robot Squidsmo PlanktonStrikes
6 Timmy Patty / Schnozmo! February 28, 2009 Timmy Patty: Timmy wishes he made the best patty ever and makes so much money selling it that it makes Mr. Krabs jealous.
Schnozmo!: After coming from an important meeting to find Timmy and SpongeBob, Schnozmo tries to turn them into spies.
Schnozmo TimmyPatty Schnozmo
7 SuperSponge Away! / Out In The Cosmo's March 1, 2009 SuperSponge Away!: Timmy wishes SpongeBob was a superhero and he was his sidekick.
Out in The Cosmo's: Cosmo chokes on a cookie and Sandy tries to get it out with a submarine that can turn microscopic and go into him, But Timmy and SpongeBob foolishly does it instead.
Sandy SuperSponge Cosmos
8 Past the Second / Gary's Playdate March 2, 2009 Past the Second: Sandy makes a time machine and everyone accidentally goes past the day of the patty showdown now won by Jim! Now they have to go back in time to make SpongeBob win it!
Gary's Playdate: Gary has a playdate with Poof.
Jim (The Original Fry Cook) PastSecond GaryPlay
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