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Not to be confused with Fairly OddStarfish.

Fairly OddSeesponges ia TV series that began airing on May 5, 2012. It is a parody of Fairly OddStarfish but is still a show. The show is directed by Butch Hartman. Anti-Cosmo Dude created the show and is helped by PoofFan93. Also, Spongebob2100 voices characters! Feel free to contribute to Fairly OddSeesponges pages!


Mr. Seesponges is a character who is nice to everyone. All of his family is nice too and plays soccer and they live in the Pacific Ocean in See Angeles under the sea. Together, they fight enemies such as Francis Cornfish which is the sea version of Francis. They also fight Vickyfish who is a porcupine fish that terrorizes creatures above the sea. Sometimes, Mr. Seesponges and his family get watersuits so that when they are on land, they can breathe. They fight Francis, Vicky, and Mr. Crocker. They have met Timmy and his fairy godparents. The Seesponges Family often times talk to Cosmo and Wanda. Connor and Jenna appear most often in the show and Quintin is a brat.


The TV series is directed by Butch Hartman and most of the male characters are voiced by Daran Norris.

Major Characters

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From The Fairly OddParents!


Butch Hartman was thinking about creating another show that is sea related. Then he thought to put incorrect spelling in the name, just like T.U.F.F. Puppy (only T.U.F.F. is spelled that way because of what it stands for). Also, 'A Wikia Contributor' was on the main Fairly OddParents Wiki and found out that someeone created a Spongebob Page. When he looked in the infobox, it said that Spongebob's species was Seesponges. He thought it was funny and had an idea to create a show called that. He then went to this wiki and created Fairly OddSeesponges! Then, A Wikia Contributor and Butch Hartman met each other and created the show.


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The series starts with Incorrect Spelling, which is the pilot episode. The first real episode is A Large Problem!. Season 1 of the series starts on May 13, 2012. The finale for the show is the Seesponges Finale, the last episode of Season 14.

TV Movies

The first TV movie for Fairly OddSeesponges is Mars Attacks!. The second TV movie is Yathura: A Space Adventure. There are more TV movies coming up.

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Fairly OddSeesponges Wiki

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Critical Reaction

Fairly OddSeesponges is a very succesful show and is ranked 78% Hooray! and 22% Boo. Overall, Fairly OddSeesponges is a great show.

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