FOP: Watches The 1998 FOP

The Photos will tell you their Opinion
  • Sparkleworks: Whoa, That is creepy
  • Baby Miss Powers: Make it Stop
  • Angel: Why isn't Poof there? One word: LAME!
  • Felicia: I hate this!!!!!!!!
  • Anti Angel: Umm, it's so BAD QUALITY
  • Tammy: I'm not following this
  • Cosmo: Yay I'm on Tv, This ROCKS
  • Poof: Poof Poof? (what is this junk?)
  • Goldie: I think this is a little off, but still great!
  • Babies: . . .
  • Junior: Hooray!
  • Flyshy: Yay!
  • Blonda: Im posting this on my Fairyberry phone!
  • Cadde: I love this!
  • Anti Flyshy: This is Worse than Flyshy's flyinh
  • Anti Blonda: This is wasting my time
  • Pentrenellistheniso: OMG, No babies, This sucks!
  • Timmy: This is so RAD!
  • Remy: I wish this cartoon never existed
  • Flowerbloom: I LOVE THIS!
  • Screwball: If only Daddy can see this beautiful cartoon!
  • Screwball: I think this is great! Yay!
  • Wanda: This is fine
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