The third season of Fairly OddFanon, with the first episodes Escape From Earth-L! and ended with Cricus Dad. All of episodes are fan-made.

List of Episodes

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Escape from Earth-L! Timmy wishes himself inside a newly found comic book which it turns out it is the most boring comic book ever. The episode, it turns out, is based off of the Fairly OddParents story of the same name. January 14, 2012
2 The Fairly OddPrimates Timmy dreams about when the world was accidentally wished into being ruled by apes. December 28, 2011
3 Listen Dogs Timmy wishes dogs would listen to humans everytime they barked angrily. December 28, 2011
4 Timmy and Bigfoot When the Turners go hiking in Yosemite, Timmy discovers there will be a bigfoot in the woods but it turns out to be a joke, there's no such thing as bigfoots. Janury 14, 2012
5 Frankenpoof Poof feels ignored by Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda again so he travels to Anti Fairy World to meet Foop and then he transforms Poof into a frankenstien known as Frankenpoof. So Frankenpoof goes back to Dimmsdale and destroys the entire universe and Timmy wishes Poof was back to normal and the wish works and everything gets back to normal and Poof is back to his orignal size. January 22,2012
6 Turners, There's A Stranger in My House The Turners think they might been a stranger in there house trying to steal there trophies but they think it was Mr Crocker and it was so he could capture Timmy's fairies and they feel fine. January 22,2012
7 Drving Timmy Timmy is tired of having rides in the car so Wanda swaps Timmy and Dad's brains so he could get a license while Mom and Dad have to stay in the back with Timmy's fairies. Feburary 1, 2012
8 Who Trixie, Who Tang Trixie runs away from home in a dream and everyone starts to miss Trixie and she meets two bullies at a carnival when she gets amnesia then during a roller coaster ride she falls off a ramp in order to go back to Dimmsdale then she get all her memories back and tells them she ran from home because a bully called her "Ugly Smelly Bully" but it was only a dream and then she wakes up and tells her dad it was only a dream and it was. Feburary 1,2012
9 Dimmsdale Idol Trixie, Veronica and Tootie practice singing in order to get an award from Timmy's fairies but before that they are putted in a show called "Dimmsdale Idol" (a parody of American Idol) and Timmy and Remy both get happy because Trixie, Tootie and Veronica could sing good. Feburary 14, 2012
10 Yours Mine Poof Dark Laser comes to capture Poof so he could become his toy but then Poof starts to escape because he's only a fairy not a toy. Feburary 14, 2012
11 Ultimate Storm A ultimate storm comes to Dimmsdale and Timmy and his parents think there in a hurricane but they also think there house is flying and Timmy must wish the ultimate storm away and everything is back to normal. April 17, 2012
12 Timmy Plays the Guitar The school is having a concert and Timmy wants to play the guitar and he soon becomes a star and everyone gets proud of him. April 17, 2012
13 Formula The Reason When Mom is planting her gardan there is a fromula for some reason and she reads it. Meanwhile Timmy's right buck tooth is loose. April 25, 2012
14 Tlimate G.E.E.K. Timmy and his friends try out for the spelling bee so they could get rewards from Timmy's fairies. April 25. 2012
15 Hungry Turners When the Turners go to the Grand Canyon they stop at the store to by a lot of goodies so they won't have to be hungry or thirsty. April, 9,2012
16 Saving His Fairies Evil Jorgen captures all fairies even Cosmo, Wanda and Poof and Timmy must save them. May, 23, 2012
17 Alien Spirits Ghost Boy returns to go into Mark Chang's spirit and he becomes evil and Timmy has to get Ghost Boy agian and Mark is back to normal. May 23 ,2012
18 Get Lost Bullies Timmy wishes all bullies were not seen on Earth because they make fun of him even Trixie, Tootie and many other kids. June 6, 2012
19 Party at Trixie's Timmy attends Trixie's pool party where there's fun and a blowing bubble gum contest. June 6, 2012
20 Hiccup cup and Away Timmy is caught with hiccups and Cosmo, Wanda and Poof try scaring him so his hiccups could disapper. July 21,2012
21 Turners I Shrunk the Kids Mom and Dad shrink Timmy and his fairies by accident and Timmy and his fairies could go inside tiny things and the Turners must unshrink them before they could step on them. August 3, 2012
22 Planet Foop Foop is tired of Poof and travels to another planet where the aliens introduce him and become there family and Anti Cosmo and Anti Wanda tell him to come back, but he does not want to, so they make a clone of Poof and send it to live with Foop to persuade him to come back. August 3 ,2012 UntitledPLANETFOOP
23 Ultra Timmy Timmy and his fairies go inside a video game called "Ultra Timmy" where they have to defaeat eniemes. August 24, 2012
24 Wizard of OddParents Trixie goes inside a land which resembles "The Wizard of Oz". November 16,2012
25 My Shiny Teeth And Me: The Musical Timmy watches Chip's Sylark's play "My Shiny Teeth and Me The Muiscal" with his fairies and Vicky. November 16,2012
26 Spy Oddparents Timmy's fairies poses as spies for the day. September 13, 2012
27 Money Back Timmy's parents try to get their money back from a theif. September 13,2012
28 See Timmy Run Timmy wishes he could run so he could beat Francis in a race. September 22, 2012
29 Timmy at Baseball On the Fourth of July, Dad takes Timmy, A.J., Cosmo and Poof to a baseball game to watch lots of fireworks. September 22, 2012
30 Neos Timmy gets germs on his hand and has to stay home from school because he is sick. Meanwhile Timmy's parents watch a show called "They Love Lucy" (a parody of "I Love Lucy") December 15, 2012
31 Everyone Loves Timmy's Fairies All the people in Dimmsdale think Timmy's fairies are good and they start love them December 15, 2012
32 I'm On TV Timmy and his friends get to be on TV for fun. December 21,2012
33 Cricus Dad Timmy, his fairies and Mom go to the circus to see Dad perform a magic and silly tricks and it makes people laugh. Meanwhile Mr. Crocker is disguised as a clown to get Timmy's fairies and capture them.
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