The second season of Fairly OddFanon., with the first episodes The First and ended with Scarecroker. All of episodes are fan-made.

List of Episodes

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 The First Timmy transforms into a car agian August 2, 2010
2a Boydie Chang (episode) Boydie Chang uses her beauty to force the guards to let her out of jail then goes to get revenge on Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof. September 3, 2012
2b Jelita Jorgen needs the help from A.J. to rebuild a destroyed Fairy World August 2 ,2010
3 The Big Surprise Timmy is curious on his birthday to know his big surprise. August 9, 2010
4 Poof Proof While Poof tries to take a nap. Timmy practies for basketball season and becomes great at it. August 9, 2010
5 Fairly Odd Kirby Timmy wishes everyone were Kirbys that resemble the Nintendo character. August 16,2010
6 Baby Factory Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof go to a baby factory where Poof sees the crew make a magic

diaper. They go back home and Poof tries it on and the diaper does silly tricks.

August 16,2010
7 Babysitter Sings Vicky sings songs about her job babysitting. Meanwhile, the Pixies plot to send all the kids to Camp Learn-a-Torium. August 24, 2010


Friendly Francis Tired of being bullied by Francis, Timmy wishes he was friendly. But his stupidity and dangerous behavior quickly gets on Timmy, Chester, and A.J.'s nerves. August 24,2010
9 Fun House Timmy bulids a funhouse for Poof so he could sleep in it. September 1, 2010
10 Hear Hear Timmy is trying to videotape Remy falling in love with Trixie but he keeps hearing Poof cry because he is not felling well and Cosmo and Wanda try to make him all better. September 1, 2010
11 Rubber and Glue Tired of Vicky calling him names, Timmy wishes that he was rubber and she was glue. October 12, 2010
12 Power Play! Timmy wishes he, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof were inside a video game and Tootie plays the video game and Timmy and his fairies get controlled up. October 12, 2010
13 Journey to the Center of America Timmy, his fairies, Mom and Dad go on a journey to see the land of America November 19, 2010
14 Will The Real Cosmo Please Stand Up? Tired of Da Rules preventing him for winning competitions or Trixie's heart, Timmy wishes for a fairy that wasn't afraid to break the rules. Anti-Cosmo appears and grants Timmy's wishes, usually with repercussions for others. Timmy becomes so happy he doesn't need fairies anymore, and Jorgen says Timmy has one hour to become miserable enough to need fairies again. November 19, 2010
15 School Banned Tired of going to school. Timmy wishes he and his friends could stay home so he won't have to get F's from Crocker. September 8, 2010
16 Animal Magnetism Timmy is on a field trip to the zoo with Chester, A.J., and Mr. Crocker. Sad that Crocker and the other people are laughing at the animals, Timmy wishes that the caged animals could do cool stuff. Crocker notices the animals behaving strangely, and disguises himself as a gorilla in an attempt to expose Timmy's fairies. Feburary 21, 2011
17 Pack of Lies Timmy makes up lies to Tootie and Vicky, using his godparents to wish for the stuff he made up. When this back fires, Timmy must tell the truth. Feburary 21,2011
18 Parents Day Mom and Dad are going on a trip to see Timmy's grandparents on Parents Day. Meanwhile Timmy and his fairies have a party with lots of friends and Vicky is locked outside. June 5, 2011
19 Just Kids The parents are tired of being grown ups so Timmy wishes all the grown ups were kids June 5, 2011
20 Buck Tooth Winner Tired of being a buck tooth loser, Timmy wishes he was a buck tooth winner Feburary 28,2010
21 Not Popular Timmy wishes Trixie wasn't popular anymore so she could be just be like him. Feburary 28, 2011
22 Crocker Baby Timmy is so sick and tired of Mr. Crocker giving him F's in school for everything, so he asks Cosmo to turn Crocker into a baby! March 3, 2011 Crocker Baby Title Card
23 Genie Bickles Timmy transforms Mr Bickles into a genie so he could grant him the right wishes. March 3, 2011
24 Anti Fear Poof has a fear of Foop at a day care center and tries to escape from day care but is trapped with Foop and Timmy must get him out. May 12, 2010
25 The Fairly OddBabies Timmy wishes he, Cosmo and Wanda were babies so Poof could have fun. May 12,2011 The Fairly Oddbabies!
26 King Jorgen Timmy finds a crown and places it on Jorgen and finally becomes king of Fairy World. Poof

tries to get rid of the crown before he becomes a king boss.

May 17, 2011
27 Blazegeeks Timmy, Chester, A.J., Mom, Dad and his fairies go to a new park called Blazegeeks, a park where there's a very long roller coaster ride and Timmy, Chester and A.J. try to go on it but there too short so he wishes they could go on the ride while Mom and Dad go on the Couples ride. May 17, 2011
28 Vicky Stinks Timmy is tired of getting babysitted by Vicky so he wishes she was all stinked up during babysitting. June 18, 2011
29 The Seven Voyages of Philp Comso's nickel Philp gets thrown in the toilet and Timmy, Poof and Wanda go looking for her missing everywhere. June 18, 2011
30 Literally! Timmy gets in an argument with A.J. after losing to him in a contest and insults him. Wanda decides to teach Timmy a lesson about hurting people's feelings by making everything he say literally happen. He tells Vicky to take a long walk off a short pier and she does so, nearly drowning. Timmy also turns his parents into dogs, Tootie into a bee, Trixie into a poster, and A.J. an egg shaped head. Timmy apologizes to A.J. and, having learned his lesson, everything is changed back to normal. July 6, 2011
31 Elmerella Timmy wants to help Elmer get a date so he wishes to be Elmer's fairy godparent and before he finishes the sentence, Cosmo grants the wish and makes him Elmer's Fairy GodMOTHER. The wishes granted end in disaster; for example when Timmy gives Elmer a hot car, it turns out that it's "hot" as in "stolen". Then, he tries to give Elmer some "cool" clothes which put Elmer in a suit made of ice. This last thing is does is try to get Elmer to "dance like crazy" which results in Elmer dancing in a strait jacket with his tongue hanging out. July 6, 2011
32 Summer Bummer Tired of rainy summer days, Timmy wishes for non-stop sunshine but gets all sunburned. Meanwhile, Timmy's parents find Cosmo and Wanda's emergency wands. August 2, 2011


Scarecroker After getting an F agian Timmy wishes Crocker was a scarecrow and quits fairy hunting and starts to hunt crows.
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