The first season of Fairly OddFanon created on May 9,2010, with the first episode MAL-Timmy (episode) and it's ended with Wave Fun All of the episode are fan-made.

List of Episodes

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 MAL-Timmy (episode) Timmy wishes to shoot a killer Dramady (cross between drama and comdy) for the dramady fest, taking the 1st prize trophy, making A.J. jealous, and soon, A.J comes to crockers lab (with some of his stuff from his lab) and with Mr. Crocker's help (crocker only did it so he could get Timmy's Fairies), creates Mal-Timmy. October 3, 2009 Untitled
2 She Poofs She Scores Timmy transforms Poof into a soccer ball, then he wishes Trixie was the best soccer player ever, so she could win and impress Timmy, Veronica, Tootie and Mark Chang. October 10,2009 She Poofs She Scores
3 Double Trouble Mal-Timmy flies to Anti-Fairy World where Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda adopt Mal-Timmy as their godchild, and Foop grows to like him as his new godbrother, and together, they plan to take over the universe October 17, 2009 Double Trouble
4 Turner Valentine's Day: Part 1 Timmy And Trixie Help Cupid But Anti Cupid Tries to take over Valintines day October 24, 2009 Turner Valentines Day Part 1
5 Turner Valentine's Day: Part 2 Timmy saves the day from Anti Cupid October 25,2009 Turner Valentines Day Part 2
6 Bubble Gum Timmy, his friends and fairies blow lots of bubble gum bubbles everywhere. October 26, 2009 Bubble Gum
7 Night at the Dimmadome

Timmy's class takes a sleepover field trip to the Dimmadome (after Tootie and Tara transferred into Timmy's class), but as night approaches, Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, Foop, and his new Anti-Godbrother, Mal-Timmy, swoops in to steal all dimmadome's gold, Tara summons her fary, wheezie, and then n a long fenzy, they trap THe ANti-Fairies, and Mal-Tmmy, in a butterfly net, and send theem back to anti-fairy world

October 27, 2009 Night At The Dimmadome
8 The Extremely Popular Episode Everyone is totally board in Crockers class until P. Waxelplax announces in the PA that The most popular kids in school have returned, Ashley, Beck, Rondi, Duke, and Andre, A.k.a. The Extremely Popular Kids From Atop The Hil. And all over school, in a montage, the EPKFATH instantly get wht they want out of the blue, so Tara decides to spy on them at their mnsion, with Timmy coming alongt with Tara, and the EPKFATH's daddy is out for the night, and Comsmo. Wanda, and Wheezie keep lookout while Timmy, Poof, and Tara snoop around October 28, 2009 The Extremely Popular Episode
9 Tittie Toomy Tootie gets Fariy God Parents and Wishes For Timmy go love him. October 29, 2009 Tittie Toomy
10 Popular Rejection Timmy wishes he and Remy were Trixie's friends and soon she starts to reject Tad and Chad,

so they try to win her stuff back but things don't work. Timmy and Remy are very happy to be Trixie's friends.

October 3 ,2009 Popular Rejection
11a Bonnie Chang There's a hot new student, but is she who she looks to be? July 11, 2012 Bonnie Chang 11b Past to Future Cosmo, Wanda and Poof go to the year 2026 in order to see Tommy, Tammy, Otto and Cashlin. December 19, 2009 Past To Future
12 Wandimania When Anti-Fairy Word runs out of power, Mal-Timmy devises a plan to sneak into Fairy World and drain the BIG GIANT WAND (BGW for short), meanwhile it's after school in dimmsdale, and then Wanda's "somethin' ain't right" senses start tingling, so Wheezie gets her cellphone to see what's going on, and they see Timmy (it's actually Mal-Timmy in disguise) sneaking a depowerifier (pronnounced De-pow-Wur-i-fy-er) into Fairy-World with Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda and Foop, so Timmy, Tara and their Fairies poof to Fairyworlld and try to find Mal-Timmy, then they decide to spilt up teams to "cover more cloud" (team 1: Timmy and Tara(Tara borrows Wheezie's backup wand), Team 2: Cosmo and Wanda, Team 3: Wheezie and Poof), November 25, 2009 Wandimania
13 Mr Grade A Timmy wishes Crocker would give A's instead of F's and soon discovers he's been a winner at school and this makes everyone happy even Mom and Dad. December 26, 2009 Mr Grade A
14 Nickelodeon Presents: Timmy's Last Stand Timmy discovers a highway is being built in Fairy World and must save the day before it's too late. October 31, 2009 Nickelodeon Presents Timmy's Last Stand
15 Chicken Foops Foop has the Chicken Foops and Anti Cosmo is caught with one too. Then Foop goes to Dimmsdale and snezzes on everybody, which gives them Chicken Foops. Timmy has to stop Foop from snezzing on everybody. And he does. So then he wishes Foop was back to normal and the entire universe is back to normal. The Anti Fairies get happy with Timmy that everything went back to normal. January 1, 2010 Chicken Foops
16 Play Date Mood Foop wants to get married so Mal Timmy goes and gets Trixie. And They turn her into an anti Fairy. Timmy finds out and sends his god parents to Anti Fariy World to get Trixie Back. Tottie was close and get poofed to Anti Farly World and Timmy told her that this is a dream. Feburary 7, 2010 2 56
17 Poofnapped Poof gets kidnapped by Vicky at the park in order to get a reward from Timmy's parents, but starts to like having Poof nearby meanwhile Timmy, Comso and Wanda go looking for Poof. Feburary 7, 2010
18 Dune of Darkness Head Pixie teams with Foop to take revenge on Timmy and Poof. March 5, 2010
19 Babysitting Blonda Wanda is very sick so she hires Blonda for the day untill she gets better. March 6, 2010
20 Heros vs Villans Timmy, his friends and faries go inside the Crimson Chin Comic book where Foop, the Nega Chin and the Anti Fairies are villans. Poof becomes the hero and defeats Foop, all the Anti Faires and the Nega Chin. March 7, 2010
21 Bad Trixie Trixie has been punished for rejecting Timmy, so she writes him a sorry letter. Timmy feels happy and tells Trixie not to reject him anymore. March 8, 2010
22 Anti Dimmsdale Anti Cosmo, Anti Wanda and Foop decide to make another world called Anti Dimmsdale which then he creates the same people but there now anti People. Timmy must wish Anti Dimmsdale was gone before it controls the entire universe. March, 9, 2010
23 Double Wedding Cosmo and Juandissimo work as a team on a Wedding day both by pretending to be Cupid. Cosmo then fills the love god as Cupid's arrows it ends up making Trixie fall in love with Timmy. Then Juandissimo fills the love as Cupid's arrows end up making Remy fall in love with Veronica. Then problems arise when Timmy is about to kiss Trixie, Wanda and Poof save

the day because she is worried that Timmy will lose her, Poof and Cosmo, while Remy is about to kiss Veronica. The wedding day is ruined and everything is back to normal.

March 21, 2010
24 Finding Cosmo At a magic show, Wanda thinks Comso disapperd after a bad trick. Timmy and Poof must find

Cosmo but then discovers Cosmo was only having a day off. They all get happy even Wanda.

Feburary 21, 2010
25 Dad Rules Timmy thinks Da Rules is missing so he poofs up another which he calls it Dad Rules. May 12, 2010
26 Go Trixie Trixie thinks she has talent for cheerleading and it makes everyone happy even Timmy. May 12, 2010
27 Bubble Trouble Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof have trouble getting inside an soap bubble so he wishes they could go inside it so they can travel around Dimmsdale. May 19, 2010
28 Raining Enjoy Whenever it rains, Timmy wishes everyone could have fun out in the rain nude untill they get all soaked and Timmy must unwish the wish. June 13, 2010
29 Lost Timmy is all alone with his fairies in Dimmsdale and wishes all look alike clones of him so he could be happy then everyone from a different country comes back and Timmy poofs away all look alike clones and they disapper. June 13, 2010
30 Timmy Turner vs Ghost Boy Ghost Boy, a look alike version of Timmy comes to Dimmsdale so Timmy wishes he had a vaccum so he could get rid of Ghost Boy. June 17,2010
31 Dr. Vulkan's Revenge Dr,. vulkan is back to get rid of Timmy. June 17,2010
32 Teeth for Poof While having a walk in town, Poof ends up at the dentist where he meets Dr Bender. Poof gets scared to get rid of his teeth and Timmy rescues Poof and saves the day. July 1, 2010
33 Wave Fun While at the beach Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Chester and A.J. have fun in the waves which remind them of a slip and slide.
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