It was a normal day. Then jorgen ereased everybody's memory about timmy. Again. But there is an whole army of robot clones of everybody who wants to destroy all worlds forever. They were mysteriously created by nobody expect the future. Mal-Timmy know about the army and then timmy was unusually like to him and some villains. Timmy said "Ok villains, If you defeat this robot army. You will, uh. Get millions of dollars and destroy me all you want and your free to go. You too, Mal-Timmy, Anti Fairies, and Evil Babysitter and then they said OK!" And Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, AJ, Mr. Crocker, MAL-Timmy, Trixie, Poof, Veronica, Tootie, Mark Chang, Anti Cosmo, Anti Wanda, Cupid, Anti Cupid, Tara, Some bubblegum (Usually because they deactivate robots), Foop, Wheezie, P Waxelplex, Ashura, Beck, Rondi, Duke, Andre, Tootie's fairires, Remy, Tad, Chad, Tommy, Tammy, Otto, Cashlin, Timmy's Mom and Dad, All Anti Fairies, Vicky, Head Pixie, Blonda, Nega Chin, The anti dimmsdale citizens, Juandissimo, Dimmsdale Citizens, Timmy's clones, Ghost boy, Dr. Vulkan, Dr. Bender, Jorgen, Kirby's (Appeared once), Pixies, Francis, Zoo Animals, Baby clones of everybody, Philp, Elmer, Scarecrow Crocker, Bippy, Monkeys, Apes, Bigfoot, Frankenpoof, Dark Laser, Evil Jorgen, All Bullies, Chip Skylark, Jimmy, Sheen, Cindy, Libby, Carl, Sleazy and Cheesy, The Baby Shredder, Bull-E, Doctor Crocktopus, Super Timmy, Darla, Terence,  Thingmajigs, All Dragons, Marley, Sparky, SpongeBob, Dolly, Crash Nebula, JT, Stitch, Lilo, Jumba, Pleakey, Nani, Gantu, Che, Chipotle Jr, Oso, Siniestro, Mustache Mafia, Otis, Chum Chum, Mort, Bessie's Troop, Beady, Poopatine, Kyle, Boog, Fanboy, All Maho Mushi Characters, Catman, Detour Man, Norm, Griffins, Master Squid, King Grippulon, Queen Jipjorrulac, Mandie, Gary, Ben, Alk, Teena Turner, Mystic, Dinkleburgs, Tooth Fairy, Cadde, Anti-Cadde, Misty, Nana Boom Boom, Philly, Santa, Goddard, Shirley, Kimmy, Terry, Chuckie, Schnozmo,  Anti-Schnozmo, Junior, Lulu, Angel Cromwell, King Arthur, Dragon, Super Not Cosmo, Sheldonbot, Ballhogs, Darkness, Elimantiors, Phineas, Ferb, Lexi Sanders, Goldie Goldenglow, Mario, Luigi, Pacman, Sonic, Pinky, Eggman, Powerpuff Girls, Larry, Birds, Stephen Hawking, God,  Pentrenellisytheniso, Happy Petty Betty, Megatrons, Stiffy, Vivan, Buxaplentys, Timantha, Rozmo, Rhonda, Grandma Gladys, Grandpa Vlad, Great-Grandpa Hansel, Great Grandma Lara, Sparkle, Twinkle, Anti-Rozmo, Anti-Rhonda, Danny Phantom, Skulker, Dudley Puppy, Violeta, Anti-Lulu, Caddee, Angel, Anti-Blonda, Anti-Juandissimo, All Fanon Characters and All CHARACTERS TEAM UP WITH timmy turner

And there was a war against robot clones of everybody that will destroy all worlds. And game over 

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