It is a Fairly OddParents full length episode and a homage to the Maho Mushi! cartoon in the cartoon.


Timmy watches the Channel 7 premiere of the Maho Mushi! anime and gets excited about that.He wishes at Cosmo and Wanda to enter the anime as Kenji,a legendary martial arts fighter that uses the legendary Sasuke Sword,which has elemental effects.The godparents grant even Timmy's wish that Chester (as Yuji,Kenji's ninja helper),AJ (as Takeshi,an angelic Dragon Samurai and Kenji's secondary sidekick),Vicky (as Kaoru,an evil Dragon Samurai and main villain),Crocker (as Shinji,a devilish ninja and Kaoru's sidekick),Francis (as Akira,a super criminal and secondary villain),Trixie (as Reiko,Kenji's friend-rival) appear in the anime.And so the adventure begins!Timmy (Kenji),with Cosmo and Wanda,firstly go to Chester (Yuji),AJ (Takeshi) and Trixie (Reiko)'s houses,for advicing them for the battle against Vicky (Kaoru),Crocker (Shinji) and Francis (Akira).The battle was held in the arena (firstly seen in Channel Chasers).The fight was epic,so much that was written in every journal.Our heroes (Timmy (Kenji),Chester (Yuji),AJ (Takeshi) and Trixie (Reiko)) won the battle and came back home.At the end,Timmy,Cosmo and Wanda returned to the real world.

Charachters' Abilities


Offensive:Kung Fu Punch,Nunchako Swing,Karate Combo,Sasuke Swing,Fire Madness,Tidal Wave,Lightning Streak,Earth Quake,Star Storm (Ultimate Burst)

Defensive:Shield,Counter,Mega Barrier (Ultimate Defense)


Offensive:Ranger Slash,Super Laser,Magic Madness,Mega Beam (Ultimate Burst)

Defensive:Barrier,Counter,Mega Shield (Ultimate Defense)


Offensive:Samurai Slash,Poison Beam,Earth Cracker,Sword Rain (Ultimate Burst)

Defensive:Double Counter,Shield,Samurai Barrier (Ultimate Defense)


Offensive:Rising Kick,Raptor Combo,Dark Destroyer,Mega Flash (Ultimate Burst)

Defensive:Life Up,Healer,Ultimate Barrier (Ultimate Defense)


Offensive:Dragon Kick,Brain Shock,Supernova,Super Pulsar,Dark Flash,Forsaken,Ultimate Almagest,Apocalypse (Ultimate Burst)

Defensive:Dark Elixir,Super Shield (Ultimate Defense)


Offensive:Wing Smash,Devil Flare,Shock Wave,Fire Breath,Almagest (Ultimate Burst)

Defensive:Devil Drink,Ultimate Barrier (Ultimate Defense)


Offensive:Super Wedgie,Fire Ball,Grand Cross (Ultimate Burst)

Defensive:Mega Counter,Super Shield (Ultimate Defense)


  • Some of Kaoru,Shinji and Akira's attacks come from Final Fantasy.
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