Dragonbrain is a fictional book seen in The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation, written by artist Hubert Reed.


A dragon named Pete Dragon seeks to carry the Golden Dragon pendant from the Moon (depicted as a woman) to her love object, the Sun (a man). On reaching the Sun, Pete finds that he has lost the treasure, and so it's up to the reader to discover its location.


Dragonbrain is a puzzle book with story pieces and paintings. The reader has to look through the pictures and conceal clues that reveal the location of the Golden Dragon, a pendant worth a lot of money that was created and hidden somewhere in Dimmsdale. However, the puzzle is described to be difficult, as many clues lead nowhere.


  • Dragonbrain is based on the puzzle book Masquerade, written by Kit Williams in the late 1970's. Both books have cryptic clues that, when conceived and put together, reveal the location of the treasure.
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