Dragon (Date Of Birth unknown so far) is a fictional character who appears in the show Fairly Odd Parents, he was orphaned during an Anti-Fairy war, where his parents were captured and reduced to Fairy Dust via Magic draining, he was born after the events of Fairly Odd Baby, He is the 8th fairy baby born in thousands of years.



Dragon was a hyper and healthy young baby boy, his parents were captured and reduced to Fairy Dust hours after his birth, so he never knew his parents, he ended up being adopted by Ms. Helga Powers and Schnozmo, where he quickly befriended Lewis andLouie, during the events of Spellementary School, he met Poof and Foop, both start to get on his nerves for putting his life on the line every time he sees both of them together, his life was put on the line by Timmy Turner in the Season 12 opener episode Hole In The Universe, so he ends up disliking Timmy Turner, as for the other characters in the series, except for his family, he has never interacted with so far


Cookies (Very easy to see in the Season 12 episode Cookie Problems)

His Family

Seeing humans get hurt (It makes him laugh and giggle)


His friends


Anyone else who does something to put his life in danger


  • Almost every time Dragon grants a wish, He puts someone (Or Everyone)'s life on the line.
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