Dr. Irio Flaustus is a new villain and the enigmatic new character on The Fairly Oddparents.



Dr. Flaustus wears a goggle and a mask underneath it and wears a dark colored suit.


Look out for this new Baddie! The elusive Dr. Flaustus is equiped with technology and recently knows how or when will his super powered opponents will do against him. Who is this mysterious villain?


  • Unlike Mr. Crocker’s obsession and theory of the existences of fairies reside, he seems to be interest of secretly obtaining any advanced technologies.
  • He is the third person who knows the secrets of the Chin’s weakness and the fairies source.
  • The name Irio is inconsistent but it’s name after the flower but replace with the S with an O at the end.
  • His real identity is shroud in mystery
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