• This episode reveals Ms. Doombringer's origins as a fairy hunter, and that Tony and Anne were her fairy godparents when she was a child.
    • Despite Ms. Doombringer being the most competent and serious villain that Timmy had faced, she is not a complete monster.
  • This is the first and only time in the fan-made series that Tony and Anne appear without Kristina Wilson, due to them only appearing in a flashback of Doombringer's childhood.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Doombringer has hired Mark Brown to spy on Timmy. Also, it is implied that after his failed marriage with Princess Mandie, Doombringer has dated Mark Brown.
  • Originally, it was planned that Papa Cosma, Cosmo's dad who appeared in a flashback in "This Is Your Wish", would've died at the hands of Ms. Doombringer sometime before Timmy's birth without Cosmo's or Mama Cosma's knowledge. However, due to Zionbishop91802 wanting Papa Cosma to appear in "The Grand Experience", the dead fairy was changed to Jorgen's niece Ginny, who was mentioned in "Fairly OddPet".
  • This episode reveals that the "No wishing to bring dead people back to life" rule also applies to dead fairies.
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