• Toy Story - When Doidle first spots Fifi from outside, he dashed and bumped into Tootie who was at the front door, only to be locked outside by Tootie, who was annoyed at his stupidity, a reference to the 1995 Disney/Pixar film Toy Story, where Sid's sister Hannah locks Scud outside after he bumped into her.
  • Danny Phantom - After Doidle, Mange and Fifi trashed Veronica's House fighting to see who gets to win Fifi, Trixie opens the door seeing an infuriated Veronica carrying Katty speaking in a monotone voice saying, "This is why I'm a cat person.", a reference to the Danny Phantom episode "Shades of Gray", when Cujo overhears Danny fighting Valerie in Axion Labs and catches up while carrying Sam and Tucker hanging from a tree Cujo was attached to and Sam talks to Tucker, explaining that she prefer cats over dogs.
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